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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


....because, apparently the Levi Johnston-Bristol Palin wedding is OFF!! Holy shades of "I told ya so!"

When this "engagement" was announced, purely out of necessity, I was only one of many, who deemed it a "bad" idea. When I say out of necessity, I mean for good old Sarah Palin to "save face" at the moment.

OMG, now this means that Ann Coulter will have to be totally against her idol Palin - since Tripp will be raised by a single mother - he must be doomed to prison!!! She spouts the statistics - so they MUST be true. (I am chortling - even writing this hogwash.)

Rest assured , I am not against single parenthood - as a forced marriage is doomed to fail for so many reasons. Thedaughter is raising thegrandson without a father in the picture - and they are doing quite well. I honestly do not foresee "prison" in his future. (I'd wring his neck first!) So eat sh*t and die Coulter!!!

I have been working non-stop since 8 am this morning - I figure 14 1/2 hours is enough for today. I must say it was a very productive day at that. Many returns completed, 3 new clients, and one "old" client brought a friend with him this morning, who said he knew me. It turned out to be a very old friend of my husband and me - and I haven't seen him for almost 20 years. It was an interesting visit.

My son's best friend, Chumpass (and son of my late best friend) had back surgery in Columbus today, so I have been worrying about him. I got a text at 2:30pm, from his wife that he was in recovery and everything went well. Relief!! We never stop worrying about the youngins'.

I have been in terrible pain (my hips and legs) and have taken enough Naproxen today for a small army. It has honestly helped a little. I'm going to take 2 more and maybe a Tylenol PM, so I can get some sleep. I'm not a whiner, but this has really been awful the past couple of days. I would imagine my arthritis is flaring in one way or another.

That is enough for now - I shall return...Later.............


Mnmom said...

Their wedding is OFF?? How shocking! Who could have predicted THIS?! I'm completely aghast!! Now poor Ann Coulter has to rewrite her latest book.

Annette said...

No, I didn't expect them to get married..when they weren't doing it right away... or hadn't already done it.. because I don't believe this last one was her first...but that's just my opinion.

But careful or you will have the Team Sarah crowd after you...lol

Mommy Lisa said...

Yea, really crazy. What if they would have won and this happened? It might have been more fun to watch happen! But, who needs another old idiot in the White House?

Lemmy Caution said...

So sad to see this match made in heaven come to an end. I truly thought it was true love approved by Jesus himself.

End sarcasm here.