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Sunday, March 01, 2009


Today, Adm. Mike Mullen,who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was on Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace. And NO, I didn't watch the show, I just got the abbreviated version from Huff Post. I would rather have a heart transplant with no anesthetic than watch FN.

Apparently, Wallace was grilling Mullen on the projected cost/savings which Obama has released, for troop withdrawals over the long run. Mullen made one comment that set me off...

"And actually, you know, there will be considerable costs certainly in the near term even as we draw down. It's not just the costs of being there, but it will be the costs of coming home..."

OK, I know I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree - but hey - when the costs of troop movements are added into the budget - do we NOT offer figures on them COMING HOME??? C'mon, there are troop rotations all the time, so that calculation has had to have been factored into the equation. Jeebus - that is our government at its best, I guess. But, I think someone needs to put a rein on this guy and his running off at the mouth!


I guess Mother Nature is on a roll here - snow in the South and moving northward along the Atlantic coast?!?!? Did I actually hear that D.C. is expecting 7-12 inches of white stuff? Curses, rats - why can't it hit over here a little, I mean if it won't warm up - then let it snow baby!! Guess we won't be the lucky ones - just lots of wind here.

I played "catch up" today on tax returns, and as soon as I saw daylight - here come some more. So I have quit for the day. I ironed thedaughter's work shirt and sewed the hem in one also - mother's work is never done. And the chicken is in the oven - now I'm ready for a bath and an early bedtime. Crap - that won't work, as thegrandson has to sleep with me tonight - his mom has an early work day tomorrow - so I'm on bus alert.

this is just a short and sweet post today - the end of the weekend is here, and tomorrow starts another week of drudgery. Have a great evening all....later..........

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Kulkuri said...

On the cost of the troops coming home, there is the added expense of bringing their equipment home or replacing that which is left in Iraq. One of the problems the Guard has been having for the last six years is that their equipment was sent to Iraq and left there when the Guard troops came back. Remember when a tornado wiped out that town in Kansas and the Guard didn't have enough vehicles to really help out the people in the town. aWol's cronies said the governor was just whining because she was a Democrat.