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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


This morning just started out LOVELY. Of course I get many phone calls from clients, wanting to make an appointment, drop off information or maybe just a goofy question. When I looked at the caller-id, this is a person I have known for many years and been a client off and on during that time also. She was married to my husbands best friend for maybe 6 or 7 years, but know this...I understand well, why that marriage never lasted.

This woman is now 62 years old, legally blind and her entire life has been her children and grandchildren - one granddaughter she had legal custody of, due to drug addictions/convictions of the parents. Her other mainstay...CHURCH!! She is one of those easily roped in to the spouting of the "way out there" type of ministries. Being one who was always short on money - she gave to these ministries before paying for groceries, taxes or basically any necessities of existence.

Anyway, after the preliminary questions of whether she should file taxes was answered, she wanted to get onto the political situation of our country. She insists we are heading for Armageddon - the BIBLE says it - it is in black and white.

She prefaced all this, by stating that "how can we make it when our President associated with all those terrorists and other radicals." I then filled her in on facts, rather than the BS she has been listening to (trust me - facts mean nothing to her), "but if you read your BIBLE - you will know that Obama is the anti-Christ," she adds emphatically. Here I go - my blood pressure rises and I am trying to figure out how to get off the phone ASAP.

I want to tell her to quit her carping about being broke - that if she paid her bills and tried to exist like most of us - rather than pissing her money away on these fly-by-night religions, she might view things differently - but her mind is a proverbial "brick wall." She knows that I do not believe in the bible - anyone can write a book - and I have also told her before that no one takes care of you, but yourself. Since it is still early in the morning, I prefer not to start the day off by "pissing" someone off - but I am very close at this point.

After more blathering about the religious stuff - I told her a client was at the door to pick up a return. I could tell she never had a clue I was brushing her off - which is good for me.

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but this woman would spend hours droning on and on, over the importance of THAT book in our lives - which I was and am not ready to listen to. Great start to my morning huh???

Which brings me to this...Bill Maher's "Religulous", the documentary which was released recently. It was a very different look into all religions and the contradictions between religions. He examines those that claim to be the "true" religions and controversies that exist on women's acceptance into the upper echelons of these religions (or non-acceptance), and quite a few other aspects.

No matter what one may think of Bill Maher (I for one love him), the movie is interesting - I recommend it highly.

I really have to get to work now - have a great day all, and I'll be back....Later....


Lemmy Caution said...

Everyone may be entitled to their beliefs....but that doesn't mean we have to respect them.

Especially when they are batshit crazy!

When will people lose the childish need to cling to invisible friends and ancient myths?

There is no god, Jesus, Zeus, Mythra, or Xenu. How about just trying to enjoy life while you get the chance!

You have more patience than I !

Mnmom said...

Religion is a crutch, pure and simple.

Nan said...

Willful ignorance always drives me right up a wall, too. Hope the rest of your day isn't quite as irritating.

Kulkuri said...

"There is no god, Jesus, Zeus, Mythra, or Xenu." At first I thought it said there is no Xena and I know there is a Xena as I have seen her on TV.

Talking to a fanatic is impossible. The only difference between your crazy lady and the Taliban is the way they pray to their god.

J Ho said...

She must watch Fox News with Sean Hannity, the most moral person on television.