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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I bought the movie yesterday and I agree with other bloggers...terrific. The actual events of that time are still quite vivid to me, and the "changing" times that ensued. When Harvey Milk was murdered, I was actually saddened and livid at the same time. The small minded people who made his existence a struggle, garnered considerable animosity on my part. But the most vile of all was...Anita Bryant.

I believe I became more rebellious around this time, and anyone my wicked mother loved..I made it a point to detest. This was quite easy to do, as both my parents were staunch ultra-conservative Republicans. You would have thought I put a dagger through her heart when she found out I was 18, pregnant and NOT married. Life sucks, huh?!?!? Her attitude was "how could you do this to me?" DUH!!! Well, in the back seat of an old T-bird, that's how! That's another story though.

Back to Anita Bryant. Back in '69 I believe, her TV commercials sponsored by the Florida Citrus Commission, began to be aired almost constantly. Up to that point, I felt she was just another singer - then she became the Conservative voice against homosexuality. Her former best friend had been the winning force to get an ordinance passed in Miami (Dade County) to prohibit "discrimination based on sexual orientation." The new spokesperson AGAINST this ordinance was none other than AB.

She organized a group "Save Our Children" based on her Christian beliefs and that homosexuality is a "sin." She argued (albeit insanely) that homosexuality led to "recruitment" and "child molestation." The statistics bandied about were totally fictitious - made up to support their beliefs. She even had the Tele-tubby hating preacher Jerry Falwell by her side.

The Christian hag also said:

"As a mother, I KNOW that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children, therefore, they must recruit our children."
"If gays are granted rights, next we'll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St. Bernards and to nail biters."

I have no clue why she would pick on St. Bernards AND nail biters...that is totally insane.

Needless to say, by her vehement opposition - she only gave strength to those fighting for their rights. The O.J. industry cancelled her contract in 1979 (hooray), and shortly after, she divorced and eventually filed bankruptcy.

The Queen of Homophobia is still alive and back in Oklahoma - running her OWN ministry now. Check this site out - she is a saint in her own mind. I wonder if she has it documented somewhere, that she is the spokesperson for her GOD - in condemning the gays? If so, I want to see that paper.

After all these years...YES...I still detest the woman. But find so much satisfaction in this video. It was hilarious at the time...and truly is till this day!

Today's Trivia: Kathy Lee Gifford was the Bryant's live-in babysitter in the '70's.

Back to work for me now.....later...........


Nan said...

You'll be pleased to learn Bryant failed at a bunch of things -- e.g., she did the usual has-been celebrity musical theater in Branson and it went belly up.

michaelg said...

I am so proud to live in Minneapolis! I despise all the self proclaimed "voices of God."

Anonymous said...

You've got to be freaking kidding me. Kathy Lee Gifford really babysat for Bryant? The crazy do tend to live in clusters, don't they?

Kulkuri said...

Was she the one who converted Kathy Lee to Xain???

Mnmom said...

Go MINNESOTA! They should have used cocoNUT cream pie! I remember her - what a hate-monger.