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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


....is crime and trials. Once I finally was able to receive CourtTV on our cable system, I thought I had died and gone to puppy heaven. I can't explain WHY I have always been enthralled by the court system (trials), but admittedly - I am obsessed.

Last year, when Phil Spector was on trial for the murder of former actress Lana Clarkson, I would not even leave the house till after 8 pm - because the trial was on the west coast. CourtTV aired until 4 pm EST, then I would get the live stream on ktla dot com. There was some relief as Thursdays was a short day and no court on Fridays, which made for a long weekend for me. Every stopping point seemed to be a cliff hanger.

I was even one of several who had a "chat" discussion and analysis through MiCR. Yes, my children were ready to have me committed. As much as I yearned for the "guilty" verdict to be returned...it seemed like eons while the jury deliberated. After 15 days - it was declared a "mistrial." I truly wanted to fly to LA and smack that little man within an inch of his life.

When the trial started - the asshole appeared in court with this wild ungodly "fro." In his twisted mind, he must have thought himself quite the "dapper dude." His "dream team" ended up costing him a fortune - to the point he could only afford ONE defense attorney on this second go-round. At one point he had Bruce Cutler, John Gotti's attorney - who was reprimanded many, many times by the judge. Essentially letting Cutler know, that he was NOT in New York anymore, and he would not be allowed to bully the jurors. It was a great moment.

Now, Phil Spector changed his appearance by the second week of the trial - and I do believe he managed to get a facelift during this period. He would still wear his bright colored shirts and ties, and long tailed coats - as if he was a genuine fashionista.

To make a long story short...sort of, the second trial has been underway since late October '08. The prosecution has wrapped up their summation and the defense will be today - then on to jury deliberations. Not a whole lot changed during this second trial (I have been following a blogger who attends the trial), and I'm hoping the jury gets it right this time around. I guess my family is tickled because none of this second trial was televised (no network wanted to pay the stiff fees), which may have saved my sanity - or not.

I was a juror nonetheless, and I saw and analyzed all evidence that was presented - he should have been found guilty the first time and I hope that verdict is swift and fair this time. He may be in his 70's (with a 24 year old wife), but prison is where he belongs...forever.

OK, confession time over, I have plenty to do, so I will return....later......

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Kulkuri said...

Thanks for reminding me about KTLA. In the late nineties I got a satellite dish (Dishnetwork) and had KTLA in the package for the other networks (UPN,WB) and used to watch the morning news on KTLA when I was living UP on the tundra. When you can barely see out the windows because of the snowdrifts, watching the weather from LA seemed a little better.
Just went to their website and watched a bit of the morning news and didn't recognise anybody except the guy doing the movie reviews.