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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wah! Wah! Wah! I NEED MORE $$$$.....

Considering we are in the midst of a recession, and we are all essentially POOR, having to read about this poor woman - makes me want to cry!! I am being facetious here....
This woman, Marie Douglas-David (age 36) is in court at the present time - one-half of a divorce action. Her estranged husband David (age 67), was once a chief executive at United Technologies Corp., but has since stepped down from that position and only has a seat on the board at present.

All that aside, the husband is worth $329 million, and there exists a "post nuptial" agreement for her to receive $43 million in the case of a divorce. Well guess what...that is not near enough and thus the court case. Keep in mind they got married in 2002, (she would have been 29, he 60).

She claims she needs $100 million in cash and stock PLUS $130,000 a MONTH in alimony. In court papers she states she needs more than $53,000 in WEEKLY expenses, including maintaining a Park Avenue apartment and three residences in Sweden.

Weekly expenses include: $700 limousine service, $4500 clothing, $1000 hair and skin treatments, $1500 restaurants and entertainment and $8000 for travel. Well hell, she would be broke in 16 years with the $43 mill from the post nup! We can't have that.

I feel so damn deprived right now!!! It's a shame I was married to a cheater, and one who spent most of his paycheck on beer. If he had invested like I wanted to - we might at least have something. Oh well...next time....I MAY JUST MARRY FOR MONEY!!


Utah Savage said...

Just saying, she should look a hell of a lot better than that.

John said...

Hi Attentive Aphorist, sorry didn't mean to call you MomNuts in your last post LOL. Your follower is back ;-)

Glad to see your taking a break didn't last long!

That poor lady...now where have I heard that story before, oh yeah, Anna Nicole Smith.

Poor ole Marie probably lost her license for DUI's, so of course she needs a limo! $1500 weekly for restaurants...is that for buying into them? Somebody needs to let her know there's remarkable eye treatments now. I'm just saying she could use some of that $ on her eye bags! And she needs a new hair stylist, since she's a plain jane. My God lady, get a style with all that money!

What a greedy bitch...a disgrace to women everywhere! I guess I wouldn't rant so much, if she had settled for her prenup. GeezLouise!

CDP said...

I know...I'm on a budget and I'm limited to no more than $500 per week on hair and skin treatments. It's a stretch, but it can be done.

rennratt said...

To think that I only get one haircut a year...

...and that's to donate to Locks of Love.

People like this make my brain boil. People that have prenups should have riders on the agreement that "Negotiations after the fact - or lawsuits pertaining to the agreement" cause the prenup to be null and void. Meaning "Agree to this or walk away now. Complain later and lose it all."

I bet it would prevent more blood sucking marriages.

Mommy Lisa said...

I love when I see pictures of people like this who are younger than me and look WAY older.

in the words of Nelson Muntz, Ha ha!