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Monday, March 02, 2009

Lalalalalalala...I really don't have anything.....

to spout off about tonight. How cool is that? So I now have to root through the cobwebs of my mind just to come up with some inane thing that is either important or bugs the living shit out of me.

Let me see...OK - how about the big Toilet Paper (TP) debate.

I grew up in a household, which utilized method "A" - and for years I would get all pissy when someone would change the routine. After I met my husband, of course he was raised just the opposite - employing plan "B." So, for the past 30+ years we are an "over the top - to the front" family.

There is always a supply of toilet paper quite handy in the bathroom (unless I have become a complete hermit, and avoided the grocery store). Last week, one of my clients had the audacity, to ask to use my facilities. Usually, no one is here long enough for their bladders to overflow - so after a warning of "I haven't even cleaned in there yet," off he goes. While I was awaiting his return, it dawned on my pea size brain - toilet paper was LOW! When the gent returned to the table, he was laughing over the sign I have hanging from the TP holder. I have had this sign for many years, and I just know someone will swipe it someday - it always garners a chuckle.

"Changing the toilet paper roll - will not cause brain damage!"

Even though there were laughs all around - he still put the damn TP on backwards. I should certainly hope I don't have to supervise everyone who so desires to use my facilities, to ensure this does NOT happen in the future.

Did anyone see Mythbusters when they did their episode on "germs" getting on toothbrushes if they were too close to the toilet??? That made for ONE interesting show. (btw...the myth was busted!)

I'm taking a break to watch "House" and "24", since I worked quite hard today. Have a great one all and I will return....Later...............


Utah Savage said...

I like it best over the top, am a House addict, and have nothing to talk about today, but instead of getting creative and personally interesting I posted about the electric car. And where do you get the great illustrations?

Mnmom said...

We are a B family, strictly B.
My friend Mary says "Apparently you have to have an old uterus to be able to change the toilet paper".

Nan said...

I assume you're familiar with this ancient joke: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper? No one knows -- it's never happened.

Lemmy Caution said...

"B" is the only acceptable method. All other variations are just plain WRONG.

slyght said...

is it bad that i was impressed at the use of perspective in the drop down lines on that picture? DAMN ENGINEERING COLLEGE (with a touch of art education on the side)!