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Friday, March 06, 2009


an asshole!! that would be that Oxycontin King Limbaugh. How about this picture: the "Limbaugh-Steele Solution?" Old fat ass Rush looks almost real! Anyway, today on his show he apparently made this comment (regarding any health care bill:

"Before, it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial health care bill!"

That fat bastard is now presuming Ted Kennedy's death - right alongside wanting Obama to fail...what is next for this f**king idiot?? He is spewing vile garbage similar to Ann Coulter's blatherings. That infuriates me to no end. the upside to his ramblings - is he does appear to be pissing off some of the repukes - and heaven knows, they need every single one of them to maintain a voice.

Then I read that a federal judge threw out another lawsuit questioning Obama's citizenship, stating it was a "waste of the courts time" and then suggested that the plaintiff's attorney may have to "compensate the president's lawyer" with the frivolous filing. How cool is that? About time someone slapped some justice on these goofballs and their frivolous charges and filed lawsuits.

I think I am having one of those "want to go insane days." Certain things have been brought to my attention that have totally pissed me off - and I will have to basically deal with it quietly and in my own way. I hate when something gets under my skin this way. It stems from the past - but dammit - it just won't go away!! No details here or FB as, those involved would know how upset I am and actually relish the moment. Since these past two sentences make absolutely no sense to most of you - just ignore. It is a good feeling to at least get a wee tad of it "out."

Theson was "drunk-dialing" from Egypt today - so I got to chat and laugh with him and hie friend Neil from the U.K. Neil is now a "mom" fan and invited me to come visit him in the U.K. sometime. I will get right on that one. I just love his accent though - it's charming.

OK - back to work I go. I'm sort of catching up with my ass - but I know that won't last for long. Take care and I'll catch ya...Later...........


Lisa said...

I hate it for you that something is under your skin. But I hope writing about it - even vaguely - helped.

The idea of Rush Limbaugh just turns my stomach.

Kulkuri said...

I notice that elephant has a prehensile tail!! I try to avoid listening to any of the bloviators of the Never-Rightwingnut Neo-conjobs. I have always said Rush should have been a tailor because he uses a lot of whole cloth.