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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, since I went to Columbus yesterday - I actually accomplished nothing in the "tax return" part of my of my life. I asked thedaughter to do a couple of deeds around the house - NOT done. So this morning, I have taken the living room curtains down and they are in the wash - I have folded thedaughters laundry left in the dryer and transferred her "other" load to the dryer. My electric meter is spinning at break neck speed right now.

Cleaning the windows is next - they are relatively easy as they do tip in, making the outside part easily accessible.

I'm only on my first pot of coffee, hair is somewhat in presentable shape - no make-up - and still in my jammies. Sounds like a great start to me.

I am presently HERE and not folding or schlepping something from one room to another, and enjoying my DD coffee. I look at these vintage pictures of the June Cleaver style of life and I say WTF??? As in...I know I have an iron, wonder where I put the damn thing! Oh well, no iron - no problem...shake out and hang the curtains. Honestly, they wash up well and need no ironing - I was making a funny there.

I will get to the clients returns, maybe in an hour or so, but I may be side tracked, as there are 32 returns waiting to be picked up. It never fails, when one comes to the door - 3 or 4 are right behind. At times, this is Grand Central Station. Works for me.

I have trolled through my fellow bloggers this morning, so that is out of the way. Note to self...check Google Reader - probably full.

Did I mention I got the dog sheared? Such a lovely feeling not having her hair fly around continuously. She actually prances around after her "grooming", like she is a poodle. The weight being off her back, so to speak, is most definitely a great feeling for her.

Oh well, everyone have a great weekend. Mine will be as humorous as I always make it! I may be back....later.............


Mnmom said...

I don't smile when I do housework. What is WRONG with that woman?

Utah Savage said...

I sleep the entire day after doing housework at least once a month. Dusting not included.

I have seriously neglected computer cleanup. Must get on that.

Nan said...

Wow. An illustration that includes darning as a routine household chore. I wonder how many people these days would even recognize a darning egg?

Annette said...

I doubt many would.. just us oldies...lol I too have to rest for a couple of days after doing any cleaning.. and I really need to do some.. just haven't had the will or the umphh to do it.. but am going to have to run at least the sweeper...lol

Oh well.. tomorrow maybe...lol

Lisa said...

I was just thinking about darning eggs today. My mom has one or had one. And I was putting on some knee socks because it's cold here and my big toe went through the hole that finally gave way.

I used to clean like a maniac on Saturdays. It would take the whole day and I would have such a sanctimonious satisfaction about my house afterward.

Thankfully, blogging cured me of that affliction. Who has time to wipe baseboards and polish ceiling fans when there are blogs to read and posts to write?

Chickie said...

How many pots of coffee do you have in a day? I had 4 cups a couple of weeks ago and got all light-headed.