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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Having followed the CNN and Huff reports of the past two days, on the medical crisis of Natasha Richardson, has left me honestly sad. The reporting itself, has left quite a bit to be desired. I would presume that the paparazzi in their haste to be the "first" to report, at one time yesterday issued her written obituary. Of course this was slightly premature, although she may have been brain dead - her family had not, at that time, shut down the life support mechanisms.

I did enjoy Natasha in the few films I have seen, and I have been a big fan of the entire Redgrave clan for decades.

There has been a lot written the past two days, from neurologists, regarding brain traumas. Of course I know that the brain is soft and when it hits hard against the skull, damage can result. But I had never heard the "talk and die" injury. It all makes complete sense and I am sure that if you or I had fallen and felt fine upon standing up, we would never ever consider it a life threatening injury. I will be rethinking this philosophy in the future.

I have suffered concussions in the past, causing considerable pain for a couple of days and blurred vision, but I managed to recuperate rather well.

I feel so sorry for Liam Neeson and Natasha's sons, having to endure this tragedy. Having to make the decision to withdraw life support is the toughest decision in the world. I made that same decision for my twin sister and it still haunts me. Hold your loved ones close...our time is precious, right down to the nanosecond.

I watched a portion of the AIG CEO, Mr. Liddy before the congressional committee today, and honestly...I was NOT impressed. When he made the statement that he had requested that anyone making a bonus of $100,000 or more - to please return HALF - I was like WTF??? He then proceeded to read some of the threats received by AIG - for what, sympathy? I have to say it...HE DOES NOT GET IT!!! Essentially, there was no resolve from this meeting, more double talk than anything else. What the end solution will be - is anyone's guess.
It's been a long day - I have downed two appletini's for the night and I am going to take a HOT bath!! Have a great one - catch ya.......later.....................


Nan said...

I have some sympathy for Mr. Liddy -- he just started in September, after AIG was already in the toilet, so he's working to clean up a mess other people made. However, it just floors me that they keep insisting they need to pay bonuses to keep good people -- WTF?? Those "good people" are the ones who drove AIG off the cliff. Instead of giving them bonuses they should have been showing them the door. Corporate America really is an Alice in Wonderland type of place. Seems like once you get above a certain level the more you screw up the bigger the rewards. It's the exact opposite of the reality most of us live with.

Kulkuri said...

Liddy knows how to save the company, he was head of Allstate during and after Katrina. Also, look who appointed him.

rennratt said...

My New Year's resolution included reading more books and paying less attention to the news - re AIG, etc. I'm glad that I have pretty much stuck to that resolution, save the occasional listen to NPR during my commute.

The entire Natasha Richardson situation just makes me so sad. She was a class act, just like the rest of her family. I can not imagine making the choice that her family made; I can't imagine how difficult that choice was. My heart breaks for the entire family.