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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Muntadher al-Zaidi, the broadcast journalist who threw his shoes at Dubya - now has to spend THREE years in prison for his deed. Bubba, as I prefer to call him, deserves a friggin medal. Maybe, just maybe the courts over there decided that WE - the Americans would be happy that they have soundly dealt with this man. I wish they had taken a vote here first.

To say the least, most Americans found it deserved and comical at the same time. I did!! I only wish Bubba had a better, more accurate throwing arm. But, alas, it was not to be. Maybe we can organize a group to send Bubba a care package now and then, while he serves his "time." We could scour around and maybe find pics of Dubya as the hardware store greeter, or falling off a horse maybe. Bubba would surely find happiness in knowing even WE do not have to put up with the dolt any longer.

Sorry Bubba...if you were here in the good old US of A...maybe some community service would suffice and you could throw your shoes again, much sooner. Behave Bubba and don't drop the soap in the shower!

***My spell check does NOT like the word BUBBA!



Mnmom said...

He's my hero. He certainly doesn't deserve three years in some torturous Iraqi prison! He deserves a cigar and a pat on the back.

Kulkuri said...

Well, shit happens. There was no way he would get off on the charge. They may just quietly let him out on parole after a while, we can hope.

Annette said...

I think that's probably what will happen too..he will quietly be released in a short while. But right now they think they still have to make an example out of him.

slyght said...

this is one of those times when i disagree with TheMom. what this guy did was wrong on two levels.

the american level... he attempted to assault a head of state, be it with a shoe or whatnot. we can't set a precedent that anyone can assault what they view to be a "bad" president. if we allowed that, most anyone at fox news could assault president obama now.

on the arab level, having lived in an arab country for the past 14 months, i understand what an insult it is to have shoes thrown at you. it is the highest insult. it shows a complete lack of respect for the "target". this MIGHT actually be worse than assaulting a head of state, in this culture.

now, don't get me wrong, i didn't agree with W or any of his actions, but i do think the shoe-thrower was wrong and justice was served through both views.