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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Summer has arrived early, and the temps have been in the mid 80's the past few days. I do have whole house air conditioning, but since there are no cold air returns, the upstairs gets quite warm. Therefore, theson and thedaughter have each had window AC units for the past several years.

After we returned from Columbus yesterday, thedaughter went up to her room and immediately realized that the AC unit was NOT working. It was making really scary sounds and no cool air was being released. Not good. I can hear the swearing and madness coming from that room immediately.

I told her we would have to get it out of the window and put thesons unit in - and we will deal with his room when he returns home. Well, for whatever reason, her window does not go up as high as in his room (same size windows), and she starts bitching at me and her friend, who just happens to really help me out when he is here - with "man" things that need done.

Let's put it this way - theson's air conditioner is NOW in thedaughter's window and may never ever, as long as I live - come out of that window again. Jaime got it in, and "tight squeeze" is putting it mildly. The side pull out which fill the width space are in bad shape - but AHA - we have DUCT TAPE!! It may not be pretty, but at least they will be cool.

The now deceased window unit and an old 20" TV are going to wait to be taken somewhere (not sure if landfill will accept) for disposal.

I thought I would have to replace my thermostat, as I could not get the touch pad to "lower" the temp, so AC would kick on. I replaced the batteries, I beat on it (which is what I do well), but no luck. Well, Jaime managed to get that working also. Apparently the batteries I put in were dead - not bad considering they came out of a new pack. Now, he just saved me about $60 on that chore.

Jaimie is going to help me power wash and stain both the front and back decks - which needed it last year, but was overlooked. It definitely has to be done this year.

The holiday weekend begins, and amazingly enough, as much as I would like to just chill here - I have my 18 year old grandson's graduation party this afternoon and a picnic tomorrow. Maybe Monday, I will hide in my bedroom. I think thedaughter works six days this week, so my babysitting will be more than full time.

Gotta run, have to start a pasta salad for tomorrow...so everyone have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!



Annette said...

You have better luck than I do...lol But thankfully you had help and got things taken care of. Hope the rest of your weekend is better. Have fun and enjoy. Remember to take time to thank a Vet and remember the fallen heroes of the wars.

Debbie said...

You do have a lot on your plate this weekend. I hope you squeeze in some fun and rest too.

Utah Savage said...

The daughters boyfriend sounds like a keeper.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Wouldja believe it took about five tries to get you blogrolled? And each time, Tucows told me I had succeeded and everything was just copacetic.

Over here, we are freezing our asses off, but perhaps that's better than sweltering (reaching for warm sox). After all, one can always put on more clo's.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Duct Tape....the savior of mankind.

I agree with Utah Savage...thedaughter's friend is definitely a keeper.

yellowdog granny said...

yeah for daughters boyfriends..my granddaughters fiancee(sp) came over and fixed my old 'record player'..yes, you read that right..my record player..he's in the will..