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Friday, May 29, 2009


instead of the insane "grasping at straws" attempts so far!

Pres. Obama's pick to fill Justice Souter's position on the Supreme Court is a human being. Where along the line, do we forget that? Humans are subject to error, be it in everyday life decisions, or a seated judge, who has the daunting task of KNOWING the law, and having to interpret case law and dole out punishment.

First, I get very pissed when I hear Newt Gingrich make any comment regarding a present political situation. He is a fucking adulterer, despises gays, and was run out of the House for his "errors." He took one sentence out of an eight page speech, and decided that it was his duty to proclaim this woman a RACIST!

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

But what these name-callers omit is the following sentence from that speech:

"Let us not forget that wise men like Oliver Wendell Holmes and Justice [Benjamin] Cardozo voted on cases which upheld both sex and race discrimination in our society."

Considering her "background", coming from the projects to graduate summa cum laude from two of the most highly respected Ivy League schools, speaks volumes to the intensity of her drive. I feel when the Judicial committee meets to consider her nomination - she will be able to hold her own, possibly putting a rethug or two in their place at the same time.

And another thing...EMPATHY! when did that word become a "racist" adjective? According to the dictionary:

empathy: from the Greek word empatheia - meaning affection. definition: the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another. Identification with and understanding of anothers situation, feelings and motives.

Personally, I prefer to be surrounded by empathetic individuals, than narrow minded bigots!

So much for that...I have things to accomplish (or try), and will return....later.........


ThePoliticalCat said...

Aha! I see YOU managed to get the boot in, too! Honestly, those fuckwits have no idea how much anger they've stirred up by going after Sotomayor this way. They're pissing off Latinos/Latinas, women, gay people, and anyone of even the palest shade of colour, plus all those white people who don't think being white is the passport to heaven. Oh, and let's not forget anybody who values education and hard work. Anyway. I think I'll find something else to vent about, just to keep the bp manageable.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah, Glenn, it's just you and all your fucktard friends on the far, far right....way out there in lala land.

The fascist right is so adept at calling people names when they get scared. A good example is all the derogatory terms and names Rushole has used on Obama.

Their motto seems to be "If we don't like 'em, or we don't understand 'em, we're going to call 'em names and tell lies about 'em.

J Ho said...

They are just paranoid that the power of the white male is being taken down 1/10th of 1%.

They are playing to those out there (racist, bigot) who are paranoid that the white race is heading toward extinction.

Don't hate the pundits, hate the listeners.

Wait. I'm a white male. Boo Sonia Sotomayor! Boo! Nominate a white man! There are so few of us left!

助けて~! said...

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精神年齢 said...