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Saturday, May 09, 2009


It must be genetic, just skipped a generation...but IT IS Saturday, and thegrandson is much like me - he doesn't know how to "sleep in." I managed to stay in bed till 8:15 am, and as I lope to the kitchen, bathroom (routine stops), there's the little fart in the living room watching his cartoons. Now, his mother, is still in bed and will remain there till it is time for her to go tan at 11:30. I won't even get into the matter of me wishing I could sleep long hours like some. But I guess I have to adjust to the fact that stinker boy is much like me - an early riser.

I have taken my outside flag down and been moving things in such a way - as to not be blown into a neighbor's yard at some point today. It is so windy and we have a wind warning in effect for much higher winds this afternoon. WTF is the matter with Mother Nature? Rains, storms, wind...I won't even ask what's next!!

We have a baseball game scheduled for 6 pm, and we never really know what is going to happen - as we have already missed 4 games because of rain. At this point it doesn't look good - cloudy skies, high winds, YUCK!!

To wrap up a few news items of this last week...it appears that a decision will be forthcoming on Monday, whether to strip Miss California (Carrie Prejean) of her crown. With more pictures coming out, and her statement of "there was only one picture" (liar), the future looks rather grim. Her only bright spot would appear to be the phone call she received from Sarah Palin in support of her insane anti-gay statement....and Bristol Palin has endured the wrath of some for her hypocritical stance on "abstinence."...Cheney came out of his skull cave to babble on in his neo-con way, pissing off many of the GOP....and on and on and on!!

The best move of the week was the arrest of Drew "scumbag" Peterson, who is charged with murder in the death of his THIRD wife, with possible charges ahead in the disappearance of his FOURTH wife.
I have followed this mess for the past 18 months, when it was first announced that wife #4 was missing. Peterson is the most egotistical, narcissistic son-of-a-bitch I have ever seen. He gets my blood boiling to the point I would like just five minutes to get in his face. If there is any justice - he will be found guilty and put away for the rest of his life. Since he was a former cop and an undercover narc at one time - prison should be interesting. Ohhhh, and he is engaged to another YOUNG girl with two children - and wife #4 hasn't even been declared legally dead or divorced. Yep - I would relish having a little time to actually tell him what an asshole he is - but it would do no good to be honest. At 55 years of age - he has been the asswipe he is for far too long - maybe a death sentence would be nice!!

Okie dokie - I have to get some laundry folded, a little (operative word "little") dusting, and the bathroom definitely needs some attention. Have a great day - if anything interesting happens, I shall return.....later.........


Grandpa Eddie said...

I've been an early riser for as long as I can remember.....and it doesn't always skip a generation, sometimes it skips two. Both of my daughters would sleep for days, if they could, and their kids(each has two)would sleep just as long.

Maybe if the naked picture bitch gets her crown taken away that will be the last we hear out of her. I know, I know, that's dreamin' but it don't hurt to hope.

Lisa said...

I must say I was glad to see Drew Peterson hauled in.

Your weather is like ours. The Actor and MathMan finally had a game happen this afternoon after two have been cancelled due to weather.

Hope you're having a good Saturday all the same.

Utah Savage said...

Thanks for the wrap up of the news. I need that update.

This has been a freaky wet spring, so we have a jungle in my yard.

Happy Mother's day Mom.

yellowdog granny said...

that's what i miss about working is the routine..now i stay up too late, sleep too late and lay around doing jackshit all day long...sigh*