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Monday, May 04, 2009


I was ready to settle back and just enjoy scanning the blogs, catching up on a few things...then I ran across this:

I'm sorry folks. This woman is a legend in her own mind. Whatever crowd she is speaking too, appears to fall for her every word - hook, line and sinker. She is spouting the same statistics, that have been disproven by multiple entities, but alas - there are still quite a few fukktards who believe her!!!

She still praises Bush and rails for the CEO's and the money mongers, and does not speak for the little guy - as much as she offers lip service. Of course she is on the side of the ones who got this country into a financial boondoggle.

I am going to flog myself with a whip of nails now....just because this asshole gets my blood boiling. If I say more - I will have to figure out how to blog from a cell!!!


Grandpa Eddie said...

I just don't understand the people of Minnesota. How could anyone with half a brain vote for this bitch with the grating voice!?!

I can only listen to her for just so long, and this time was 2:03.

BTW, TheMom, you are forgiven.

Lisa said...

Really - what is wrong with people that they would elect someone who is so obviously not intelligent nor cares to educate herself? Plus she seems half crazy.

I'm with Grandpa Eddie. I don't get it.

Utah Savage said...

Speaking of half crazy, I'm here. Michelle makes me feel lobotomized.

Did I tell you I gave you a prize?

John said...

Owww my ears! Sorry I couldn't bear to hear it all. I could've sworn she said orgy LMAO. She is nucking futs!

yellowdog granny said...

in texas we have an expression'the bitch needs killing'...'nuff said..

have seen your comments on blogs that i visit and then utah savage said come by..did...like it....and that little animal up top is one of my favorite pictures..i included it in a post of stumbles and everyone loved it..

yellowdog granny said...

oh..i just saw W. and even though it was just a movie, after watching it i wanted to bang my head on a door..

slyght said...

she is a bit of a nutjob.

Kulkuri said...

She's a "R" and comes from the most Red (envious of the control and power of the commies maybe) district in the state. Hell, if they put Donald Duck on the ballot with a "R" after his name, he'd win. Altho, this last election was closer than before.
I don't listen to her because if I did, I would be pounding my head against something solid saying, "How the hell can someone be so fucking stooopid???"