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Friday, May 08, 2009


the right-wing asswipes must be low on material at the moment. Their big issue is apparently classifying Pres. Obama as an elitist because he prefers DIJON MUSTARD.

Let me be the first to break the news to the Hannity's and Ingraham's of the media. Your money was poorly spent on your journalism degrees (if you have one).

Since I can't remember the last time I carried a title, other than the mom, granny and nina ones..I'm going to bask in this one - elitist.

Let's see, I like dijon mustard on ham, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, roast beef and if I don't have a nice chip dip handy, I have been know to even top my potato chips with the condiment.

I don't quite see how my taste for this spicy condiment will change the status of foreign relations, the financial markets, unemployment or other issues of the moment. But since it is of such importance, I shall continue using this product, because either stocks will raise or fall or maybe a nuclear device will be destroyed or explode - one never knows. Since these right-wing retuglicans "know everything", far be it from me to argue the point.


Liberality said...

Yep, these nutjobs have a few loose screws...:)

J Ho said...

They are pundits. That's their job. To speak so thier political views are justified.

Each side has pundits. Each side wastes valuable time bickering over nothing instead of reporting on real news.

I gave up on watching cable new channels or listening to political talk radio. They say sometihing like this, and use the backlash to increase thier ratings. They don't care if a follower or a hater watch them, as long as the ratings system gives the resulting numbers. They don't report on news... they just slant the news.

If I watch any it will be CNN, since they spend more time un-slanted.

reuters.com, mcclatchydc.com, and bbc.com That is where I spend my time and energy searching for the news.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Somebody noted somewhere that in Chicago, ketchup is considered messy tomato sauce, while mustard is a condiment.

I eat green chile on everything...not exactly: i don't eat much that you couldn't/wouldn't put chile, green or red, on...

pero yo no soy latifundisto...

Nan said...

Christonacrutch -- Obama's from Chicago. In Chicago "ketchup" is a dirty word -- spicy mustard is The Condiment of choice. Hot dog places there brag about throwing people out if they ask for ketchup.

Mnmom said...

Well color me elitist - I love the stuff too and I'm broke ass white trailer trash!

Mnmom said...

PS - let's call this "The Great Mustard Smear" or "Mustard Stain".

Grandpa Eddie said...

I'd be an elitist, too, but my gut can't handle the horseradish in it.

I guess I'll have to stick to the French's yellow and Honey Mustard.

Lisa said...

And shall we go into how frou frou french the very idea of Dijon mustard is? Obama must be some kind of wimp!

themom said...

Liberality: "a few screws lose?" Many more than a few I fear.

JHo: I realize they are pundits, but they suck at that too!

Woody: You go dude, with those green chilis...too hot for me.

Nan: I figure Hannity wouldn't last an hour in Chicago!!

Mnmom: You and me both.

Grandpa Eddie: yummmm, I love honey mustard too!

Lisa: No on the frou frou...too hoity toity for this site. :)

yellowdog granny said...

ahh jeez...lets see ..i bet ole buttroy bush took regular ole mustard on his hamburger..wonder if they want that asshole back..?

rennratt said...


...You can purchase that stuff at The Dollar Tree. Maybe not the name brand stuff, but whatever.

Those guys need to get a life.