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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As I say above, just "get over yourself!" This governor of Nevada has refused to meet with Pres. Obama as he visits Nevada for a Democratic fundraiser - saying he would prefer an apology from the President for causing the downturn in tourism to the gambling meccas of his state.

It would appear that Gibbons is of that rethug mentality - that the use of corporate jets and junkets by the major corporations was apparently, imperative to the viability of the Nevada economy. And to hell with the nation as a whole. Sorry folks, this guy is a fukktard of gargantuan proportions.

I am sure that Obama will not feel bad that he is being dissed by this asshole either. Gibbons apparently has not left the bubble he lives within, to realize this is a global cutback. The recession and hard times is felt by all - not just the gamblers.

The fundraiser is, I believe, for Harry Reid, but be that as it may, gibbons stated, “Both men should be ashamed, because people are suffering through the depths of the recession while they practice the height of hypocrisy." Does anyone else see the HYPOCRISY in his (Gibbon's) statement? All righty then, people are "suffering through the depths of the recession" - but we want the arrogant CEO's and tycoons to fly those corporate jets into Las Vegas and throw it in the face of the poor and suffering - that they have ripped them off and are going to spend their ill-gotten gains on personal fluff. GOOD GRIEF!!

I hope the answer coming from the California Supreme Court (expected today) is one for celebration. One can only hope that the Mormon backed Prop 8 is struck down. This could be interesting. Considering that same court made a judgement in the past - to do otherwise would be contradictory. They need to move into the 21st century and realize that eventually gay marriages will be accepted as the norm EVERYWHERE.

It is a rainy (off and on) day, and I plan on doing nothing. I cleaned and did laundry over the past couple of days, so there is nothing of great import staring me in the face. I do have to call the AC guy and have my AC unit checked. He has had to charge the unit for the past four years - that is not right. If there is a leak - find the damn thing. And I do have to replace the thermostat, as it is being cantankerous also. It is always something when a homeowner.

Pres. Obama just made his Supreme Court nominee announcement, and after reading her bio - I don't think there should be too many dissenters in seating her. But - one never knows!!!
Have a good one - I may return later...............


Grandpa Eddie said...

You're right. Gibbons lives in a bubble called Las Vegas....known to most of us as Lost Wages, and boy does that fit now.

What a f**king hypocrite! If anyone needs to be ashamed it is him for the crap that spewed from his mouth about the CEOs.

Annette said...

They were pushing this some on Morning Joke this morning.. until the pick for SCOTUS came out.. that took over the talk then.

It's such a stupid argument.. but anything that makes Pres. Obama look bad, or that they can try to use that way.