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Friday, May 01, 2009


What VP Joe Biden stated yesterday morning - makes sense. Common sense! Although his words were apparently not sanctioned by the White House - and Joe Gibbs immediately put out a "what he meant to say..." statement, is plain stupid. To me this is all a waste of breath and good sense.

Does common sense not dictate that we be more vigilant in our travel plans? We are all of fairly high intelligence ( don't argue - it's a fact), and we know that confined spaces are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria - so of course we would give second thoughts to such travel at this time.

Just a fleeting thought from me...I honestly believe the fear that is being spread, is attributable to the word PANDEMIC! In 1976 I do not recall that pandemic was used - my memories are that their was a flu epidemic. Sadly, most don't realize that 'pandemic' is essentially the same word, only on a global scale. It just defines this illness as being in multiple countries at the same time.

If more attention was paid to the "flu" we all endure yearly, and as much press was given to the daily count of hospital admissions - then people may really freak out. the flu this past winter (not bird flu and not swine flu), killed 36,000 people. Does anyone remember the daily count growing and media reports of fear? It's a matter of perspective.

The hand washing, sneezing and coughing rules should be applied as an everyday routine, not just when a virus has been reported.

To end here, I received this "text joke" yesterday:

"It was once said that a black man would be president 'when pigs fly.' Indeed 100 days into Obama's presidency...Swine flu!!"


Mnmom said...

Seriously!! If the media covered the everyday flu like they cover swine flu with would be War of the Worlds all over again. Get some perspective people!

Mommy Lisa said...

Meredith Viera made it a big deal. She said to the White House Correspondant, "Did the Vice President of the United States just tell people not to use public transportation?"

I did not even give his opinion a second thought - as I share it DAILY. I hate planes for the germ factor, they skeeb me out.

Annette said...

I looked at it like this.. He is a father and a grandfather.. Matt Lauer asked him what HE as a father would tell his family.. and that is how he answered.. they made such a HUGE deal about it.. too much of a deal about it I think.. If it was me I would tell my family the same thing.. as a mom.. as a public official yeah maybe he overstepped.. but as a dad, and a granddad.. no, he spoke from his heart.. what a bunch of crap.