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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just a short while ago, my doorbell rang, and as I headed to the door - I noticed it was two "older" ladies. As soon as I opened the door, the lady holding a clipboard said "we need you to sign this petition to stop the sale of beer at the Teepee."

Just to set the scene, the Teepee used to be similar to a Dairy Queen/Tastee Freeze establishment in this residential neighborhood. It has fallen on hard times in the past several years, with the building of a new school located now 4 miles away. Our town is essentially dying and this business is on the verge.

I know the owner, and read last week that there would be a petition going around our neighborhood to bar the owner from getting a D-1 license (beer for on site consumption or carry-out).

"Just sign here, because we don't want a beer joint here and it is a dangerous intersection" she exclaims.

I then proceed "I am familiar with the application and I will talk to Danny before I would even consider signing something against a potential business."

She didn't like that response at all. "You young people don't understand the dangers of having all this alcohol around!"

"Excuse me...I was married to an alcoholic, my children like their drink, but they are responsible people. Far be it from me to stand in the way of someone wanting to eke out a living from a dying town," was my snarky reply. "I don't see that a threat of a beer joint, as you call it, will come to fruition because of the size of the building and lack of parking. My understanding it is primarily for carry-out!"

Needless to say, they didn't like that either. I think they saw my nose ring and tattoo and figured I am a loser. Too bad for them - I did not sign their petition, but knowing the area as I do, they will probably get their way - at least not with my help. I should chase them down and THANK them for considering me YOUNG!!!

Assholes! Later....................


Lemmy Caution said...

Great story!

Glad you gave them your unfiltered opinion!

Sounds like they were used to just shoving the paper into people's faces and having them sign it.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Way to go kid! Throw it right back in their faces and make 'em STFU.

They sound like some of the prudes in my town who are use to throwing their weight around and getting their way. Always trying to tell others how they should live their lives.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Heck, sounds like they could use a beer or two themselves.

yellowdog granny said...

hey at least you talked to them..i usually open the door spot the assholes and tell them to get the fuck off my porch..

PENolan said...

It's definitely a good thing to be considered young and irresponsible by a couple of uptight, old party poopers.

Maybe you should have a "Support the TeePee" BBQ with loud music, weed and stripping drag queens.

Kulkuri said...

You should have said that you were looking forward to being able to buy your beer closer to home!!

I agree with Ron, they could use a 12-pack or two to loosen up.

LL Cool Joe said...

Good for you! I would never have even answered the door to them. Hope you offered both of them a nice cold beer before they left?

ZenYenta said...

LOL. You kids today with your new fangled...beer.

Lisa said...

When will people realize that it's not beer that harms people. It's people who harm people.

We can't ban people with a petition, can we?

themom said...

Lemmy: I did find out that a few neighbors also refused to sign - ones that totally me. Must have been their "in your face" attitude.

Grandpa Eddie: I march to my own drummer. Frustrates some when I don't lock-step with them.

Ron: I don't keep beer in the house - or I would have offered...haha!

yellowdog: excellent idea..for the future.

PENolan: Another excellent idea. this 57 year old is going to have one helluva celebration for this dude.

Kulkuri: Yep - next time.

LLCool Joe: Unfortunately they could see me as I had the front door open. Grrr..

Zen Yenta: Welcome and thx for the comment.

Lisa: I will have to research that petition - if we can legally - I'm all over that.