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Thursday, May 07, 2009


What a smug, arrogant, asshole! He must be desparate, if this is the best he can do.


Lemmy Caution said...

Telepromters and mustard.

The sad part is that IS THE BEST that they can come up with.

Pathetic at best.

yellowdog granny said...

holy shit!..what a bunch of buttroys..

Grandpa Eddie said...

No matter what Barry does it will never be right, and FOX will always find a way to make him look bad to their feeble-minded redneck-hillbilly viewers.

Hannity is a douchebag, and a chickenshit.

Utah Savage said...

Isn't Hannity the one who volunteer to be waterboarded for charity? Keith has offered to pay a grand a second. I'd chip in ten bucks. Anyone else?

Annette said...

I knew Hannity would back out of the water boarding.. I said that from day one he would chicken out. He is a coward and a liar.. just like all the others ass wipes on Faux News.. Did you see that they have lost a huge amount of money.. they may have lots of people watching supposedly.. not sure why unless it is to see what they are going to lie about next and see what Beck is going to cry about next, but no one is supporting the advertisers or they are losing advertisers one, because they have lost LOTS of money for the owners.

Kulkuri said...

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show need to start ripping on Hannity. It would be so easy, the stuff would almost write itself. Maybe that's why they aren't doing it, it's too easy.
I never watch Ruppert's trained seals. I have better things to do with my time like watching the grass grow.

themom said...

Lemmy: the rethuglicans will always be carping about the most insignifican thing...as he is just too good to find anything large!!

yellowdog granny: buttroy..I love it!

Grandpa Eddie: and a few other choice adjectives.

Utah: I believe someone did open a site somewhere for donations to this event. Like you say the chickenshit, lily-livered ass will renege anyway.

Annette: Yes, I did read about the money losses. It's like Clear Channel bleeding $$ profusely and still give Limpdick a mega million $$ contract. WTF???

Kulkuri: Let me know if Jon Stewart would start ragging on Skidmark Hannity...I would love to see it.