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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Thegrandson has been nagging us to get some contraption he has seen on Nickelodeon - a commercial, mind you...a toothpaste dispenser of some sort. As he was getting ready for school this morning, he came rushing in and grabbed my remote to change the channel, so I could see this wondrous object. God forbid, I would miss my morning news FIX.

After trying to explain to an 8 year old, that I was not ordering this "thing" off of TV, as the shipping and handling fees are ridiculous. I further tried to explain, that hopefully before he starts driving, we should be able to find it at Walmart or someplace, less extra fees. He's not buying any of this.

So I began to have all these images running through my head, of some things I have purchased (in store) of these "As Seen on TV" items.

The concept of this "spinning" container holder (plus 3 different sized containers) is a good one. I believe it was one of those $19.99 bargains. I still have the "spinner" and one tiny container, and very few of the two other sized containers. The problem with this item is not the holder, but the quality of the containers it holds. When they hit the floor they crack into at least fifty pieces - and guess what...you can't replace them. So I now stash a few other items in this piece of garbage.

I liked this one so much, I ordered two more - for Christmas presents. And yes, I did do the mail order process here. If I had to decry one drawback it would be the cleaning of the blade part and inside the top. It comes with a plastic comb like tool to reach these places, but it still involves - work.

I do not and will not purchase this purse. Although it looked like a great idea as the woman on TV unloads and then repacks 150 items into the small space...it is all done with mirrors. One of the mothers at a baseball game last summer had this purse, and I commented that I was considering ordering one. She said "watch this," and proceeded to unload her purse onto the hood of her car. She had keys, cell phone, small wallet, change purse and a brush. THAT WAS ALL that would fit into the damn thing.

Now give me a break. I want to invent something so simple and get rich quick like these people. All this thing is, is a bathrobe being worn backwards. And I never blissfully answer my phone while wrapped up in a backwards bathrobe. As P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute," and the purchasers of this "Snuggie" are all suckers. Of course that won't bother the inventor/marketer at all, as they are enjoying all that $$$ while sipping their Margaritas in the Caribbean.

I did pick up a pair of these Tater Mitts at the local CVS as an impulse buy. After the first use - I threw them in the garbage. They are like Playtex Living Gloves, with little sharp rocks glued onto the palms. the weight of the gloves alone was probably a pound. They didn't peel a single potato, but put nice chunks into the veggie.

I'm just one big sucker at times, I guess. The ultimate, most painful item I ever purchased, which looked extremely fantastic as presented on TV was...the Epilady!!
Guaranteed to give a close shave, that would ensure you wouldn't have to shave again for longer periods of time. Right!?!?! It ripped the hairs from underneath 4 layers of skin and into the muscles. It would suck your tongue down and out your legs. Pain??? That doesn't even begin to describe the nightmare.

So little grandson, this toothpaste dispenser you desire so very much, will have to wait till I hear that it has been tried and tested over a long period of time. I have to figure out a way for him to realize that actors that present these items on TV, are just that - ACTORS. And salesmanship is also - just that!!

Well now...I have babbled on the mundane for a ridiculously long time, and I have to finish the laundry, get a bath and off to a baseball game at 6 pm. Fingers crossed, NO RAIN. Have a great one. I may return....later.....


Jane Ann said...

Apparently they are focussing on children as the target group on these commercials because My girls are always trying to convince me to buy things on TV..... like the pancake puff pan and the ricket fishing pole and so many many more. they say "MOM why do we NEVER buy any of those cool things they sell on TV... they are only $19.99.... Gotta love them! I wish I could block commercials on the kiddie channels!

Mommy Lisa said...

Seriously, this commercial is on Nick EVERY BREAK they have for commercials.

The Buxton does look enticing, but after breaking out in a rash from Cindy Crawford's miracle de-aging cream I swore off infomercial buys...except for my Bare Escentuals makeup and Wen Hair Care that I can buy on Amazon anyway!!!

Mnmom said...

Also don't buy that pad thingy that supposed to wipe away hair or the swivel sweeper. We purchase both at Target and they were silly.

We DO like our Magic Bullet though!

yellowdog granny said...

i did buy the green bags..to put fruit or veggies in to keep fresh..and they do work..but they are $10 at walmart(or house of satan as i call it) but only $5 at the Family Dollar store..they really do work..

Christy said...

I got an Epilady one year for xmas..I thought it was my mom's way of trying to kill me! that thing ripped some hairs out and then i threw it against the friggin wall! no thanks- i'll be a yeti before i try it again!

Nan said...

The only person I've ever heard of who could tolerate the Epilady was one of my daughter's friends who had so little hair on her legs (and was there was effectively invisible) that I don't know why she bothered worrying about it.

I'd been wondering about the Vidalia chopper. I'm tempted every time I see the thing sitting in the "as seen as TV" display at CVS.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I ahve seen way too many things like these that friends of mine have "fallen for" on TV. I have yet to see any of these things that should be sold anywhere other than a Dollar Store.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had a bag made similar to the buxton bag but hers is better it is bigger and had a longer strap for us larger ladies. The buxton she had bought didn't hold half the things she needed and the strap wasn't long enough to get around her.


Annette said...

Thanks for the review.. Now I won't waste my money...lol

rennratt said...

I love watching infomercials (I think they're funny). However, my husband and daughter are the 'believers' that watch the shows. As a result, we have owned the Magic Bullet (used it a LOT), Sham Wow (total crap), the basket hanging tomatoes (never grew), Jack LaLane Juicer (still going strong and used quite often)...and random other items that I can't think of at the moment.

I would love to ban the mini infomercials on Nick and other kid-channels. Instead, I simply greet my daughter with "NO. If you want to watch any more of that show, I suggest you DON'T EVEN ASK for the crap they're trying to sell."

Chickie said...

Ah, the boys are wanting that toothpaste contraption too. I just told them to squeeze the tube harder against the edge of the counter.

John said...

I love this fun post! Did you ever notice that a lot of times they even use the SAME actors in different infomercials!

I still crack up everytime I see the gadget that safely cuts your pet's nails! Yeah right! Try that on my cat and I guarantee you will be not only ripped to shreds, but also bitten! Same goes for the dog and she never bites! Turn that gadget on near my birds and you will be bleeding in no time!

I must admit I have bought a couple of the "As Seen on TV" things from Walgreens. The Ab Roller actually works for me, but the Push Up Pro or Perfect Push Up is a waste of $$. It makes your hands hurt really bad to use them!

I'm sure it won't be long until theGrandson sees another "must have" on tv!