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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The uproar from some, over Pres. Obama speaking at the commencement ceremonies for Notre Dame is still in the forefront it appears. I watched him speak at the Arizona State commencement last night, and thought it went beautifully. I have to say our President took the high road on that one - I'd still have the IRS audit the school, but I'm one for revenge (snark intended).

Now we have Notre Dame and their lame argument regarding the Presidents stance on abortion. I've talked about hypocrisy before and this is so hypocritical it amazes me. It appears that 70% of the student body is fine with our President as their commencement speaker, whereas 70% of alumni are furious. Go figure.

Notre Dame has had Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as prior speakers - ALL who were strong proponents of the death penalty, not to mention being warmongers. So the argument here would be - it's OK to kill someone when it is court sanctioned or government sanctioned (as on the battle front) - but before life begins - it's a no-no.

This is not intended to make an argument as to when life begins - because that is an individual opinion - but at what point in life is it finally all right to kill a person? Because Pres. Obama condones a woman's choice - to some this makes him the enemy, and NOT worthy of an honorary degree? But those that have ordered deaths (prior mentioned Presidents), they well warranted honorary degrees.

I cannot remember the last President who made a commencement address utilizing a political agenda. All were made to inspire these new graduates to aspire to new heights and goals.

Arizona was WRONG in not bestowing an honorary degree on Obama, and their argument was lame at best. By saying he has not accomplished enough yet - was so fucking pathetic - as if just anyone can become POTUS, much less be a black man to become POTUS.

When our youth finally wear that cap and gown and matriculate from a higher education facility, be it University, College or Technical school - that is when praise is due for their accomplishments. Our President did an excellent job of encouragement last night in his speech. I should assume that he will accomplish the same goals when he addresses the students at Notre Dame.

College students are constantly being challenged and praised on their views, which is expected from them as they enter the working world. Graduation should be nothing less - an exchange of views and ideas, but not in a mean way. The abortion issue has nothing to do with these students at this point and time - so those sanctimonious Catholics who think their religion and views have been compromised - need to grow a pair and move on.

I attended nursing school at a Catholic hospital. I was required to get up at 3:30 am some mornings and go on "communion escort" with the priest throughout the hospital, then expected to work a 7-3pm shift and attend class till 9:30-10:00pm at night. I did it twice. Then I took a stance (which got me booted from school) that I was paying for my training to be a nurse and NOT a Catholic. I felt if the Catholic students felt this "job" was right - more power to them. I was there for an academic education - not a religious one. And I am sure there are some students at Notre Dame that are NOT Catholic and are there for the education.

Some separation is needed on this issue - but I wish our President well this weekend in giving his commencement speech to these young people.


Grandpa Eddie said...

The way I look at it is if they are going to use their "religion" or "religious beliefs" to keep someone from speaking at a commencement they damn well better require every student to be of the same belief, and not be able to receive any funds that are derived from any taxes, state, local, or federal.

I saw parts of Obama's address from last night and thought he did a wonderful job, and that he was well received by the student body.

Mnmom said...

I hate that sanctimonious BS. When my sister delivered her seriously premature son in Rochester MN, it had to be at the Lutheran hospital because they Catholic hospital didn't want anyone getting their tubes tied. BUT the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was at the Catholic Hosptial. So my sis, fresh from emergency C-section, had to travel in a school bus to see her son!!!!! Yes, a school bus.

Annette said...

I thought it was even higher than that who supported him..lol I read somewhere there were students who were going to stay home rather than go to graduation since he was speaking.. well good riddance, you are only hurting yourself.

That's how I look at it anyway. They are so hypocritical. But that is typical of most so called Christians.. As you said it is ok to put someone to death, even if they have asked forgiveness of God, who according to the Bible and God's teachings takes the sin and wipes it away, so you are then innocent of that sin, just as a baby would be, so what makes that different from any other choice.

Death is death.. far as I am concerned.. if that's the way you want to look at it.

giggles said...

Well spoken, my dear!!

themom said...

Grandpa Eddie: The students did like him - it was terrific.

Mnmom: That's just pathetic...a school bus.

Annette: I got those statistics from the Leader of the student body on CNN today. I thought it was higher also.

giggles: thank ya kindly.