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Monday, May 18, 2009


Anytime someone can give it right back to Hasselbeck, I applaud them. This was today's show.

Hasselbeck keeps championing the waterboarding, or as she states (and the rethugs) "enhanced interrogation", and finally someone puts her in her place - not that she will cave or anything, but the bimbo had to squirm a little bit today.

Jesse Ventura makes so many great points. As for Pelosi, I couldn't care less if she lied. I truly do not remember dates of things that were said from seven years ago. I am sure she will have to search for any transcripts or notes from said meeting. But, as Ventura states - that's not the point. The rethugs are so desperate - they just try to change the topic away from their own uselessness.

I was tickled nonetheless. Later guys. Thegrandson came home and was so surprised to see the computer - and I had everything downloaded for him - he couldn't wait to send an email to his Uncle - thanking him.

Later guys.......have to hit some blogs now............


Mnmom said...

I watched it on my lunch hour. He was my Gov for a while. While I didn't agree with everything he said, I could always trust that he'd say what he meant and mean what he said. A straight talker. Something you don't find in politics anymore. I kind of miss him.

The twit EH. What a shill for the GOP.

Lemmy Caution said...

There isn't enough money to make me watch The View.....but I'm very glad you posted this clip.

Excellent stuff all the way around. I like Jesse more and more these days. The guy speaks plain, and is utterly logical.

Nan said...

He was briefly my governor, too (I moved away from the Twin Cities about 7 months after his election). I've always liked Jesse -- he was that rarity, an honest politician.

Annette said...

He said the exact thing on CNN with Larry King.. Larry tried to get him to shut up and it didn't work then either...lol

You would think Hassleback would have learned something from that but guess not..

He is on with Sean Hannity tonight.. should prove very interesting.

themom said...

Mnmom: I love him - he doesn't pull any punches.

Lemmy: I understand that. It is torture (no pun) for me sometimes...because I want to throttle the blonde bimbo.

Nan: Yep to all that.

Annette: If you put up a clip I will watch it, but I just can't stomach Hannity. I imagine Jesse will have to yell to get a word in edge-wise.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard? Senator Bob Graham is apparently Senator Rainman because he makes VERY detailed notes about what he does day to day. He's done it like forever. Guess what, he was in on those CIA Senate briefings and his notes don't mention anything about being briefed on torture/water boarding. Republicans trying to pin torture on the Democrats? FAIL!

themom said...

Kirby: I would be loving that. I document everything in my life it seems. Daily diary, journal, blog - you name it. I know I am not alone in being that OCD. If I need to reference something important then I have the records. I will be waiting for more on Grahams notes. Thanks.

Kulkuri said...

If Jesse does get to waterboard Cheney they should put it on pay-per-view. It would make a huge dent in the national debt!!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Gotta love Jesse. He tells it like it is.

ReRe said...

so good. and as an okie, i love that he mentioned mcveigh and nichols