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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


UPDATE: THE DONALD IS ALLOWING THIS NITWIT TO KEEP HER CROWN - BECAUSE "THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY. Nevermind Donald, that she lied on her contract for entry into the pageant. Maybe you will get into bed with her sooner now! (Meow!!!!)

Carrie Prejean, Miss California and controversial "person of the moment", will find out today I guess, whether she retains her crown or not. The California Pageant board has made their recommendation to Donald Trump (owner of all pageants), and from all I have read - it was not favorable at all. So now The Donald has to finalize any decision.

These are 2 of the latest 15 photos that have been published:

The little red stars appear to be "nipple covers"! Woohoo. Now, believe it or not, my problem with this girl is not the pictures alone. My beef relates to her hypocrisy.

"I am a good Christian", spewing from her mouth..BUT, she has managed to lie about the pictures, i.e., "there is only one" (and 17 have appeared to date), "I was only 17" (it appears the truth is they were taken in January of 2009). OK, so where does it say (going against the ten commandments) that lying is OK? As for loving her neighbor, I doubt that comes into play, considering her stance and stupid statements regarding "gay marriages."

Parading around in skimpy bikinis and strutting like a hooker - all for a crown - is ludicrous. I am so not a pageant follower - I think the women are exploited and actually like that exploitation. We have seen how the small girls are weened into the "pageant" atmosphere. Need we revisit Jon Benet Ramsey? Patsy Ramsey grew up with me (although she was nine years younger), and she was a beast. Her mother was the typical "stage mother" and to her, her girls were so special the rest of the town populace was dirt under their feet. And NO, I was never a fan of hers either.

Miss Prejean needs to set her priorities straight. She now says she has a huge platform from which to work - to spread her message. Hope ya don't fall off that platform baby!! Although many polls are leaning to her losing her crown...I have a feeling Trump will give her one of his many "second chances." Remember Tara Conner, the alcohol and cocaine addict? He allowed her to retain her title and enter rehab.

Personally, I say take her crown, repo her boobs, and that will be the end of all this garbage!!

Now, it's back to some mediocre cleaning - I refuse to wear myself out if possible. If the weather holds out, a baseball game at 6 pm. So catch y'all....later.......


Mnmom said...

"I'm a good Christian who likes to tell other people that they are immoral but I pose nude, lie about it, get my boobs done, and strut around in a bikini in front of a panel of judges"

God hates a hypocrite!

LL Cool Joe said...

Yep she sure does Christianity a bad name.

Cool blog btw. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

That was "does give", sorry. First comment on your blog and I screw it up! Typical!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Well, I watched the press conference on MSNBC this morning. The "Donald" let the little fake-boob hypocritical bitch keep her crown. He made the excuse that the pics were not for a photo shoot but were taken between shots while she was changing and were never supposed to be released.

Bullshit those were between shots! Those were poses, and if they were taken while she was 17, why hasn't someone been charged with child porn!

I just lost what little respect I had for Donald Trump. And fuck the pageants! They are just a meat market and sex show that demeans and degrades young women!

Lemmy Caution said...

Christianity gives Christianity a bade name.

Excellent rant. I firmly believed the "donald" was going to let her keep her crown. No surprise here.

I hope she continues on as the new Religious Right spokesmodel. She does a fine job of illustrating the absolute insanity of the entire movement.

ReRe said...

if he gave the coke head girl (tara connor) a second chance, i think he basically has to give this chick another one.

cocaine is way worse than nipples!

Nan said...

I thought it was actually well played by The Donald. He made it harder for the homophobes to use her as a martyr, and he also made it clear she's on what's effectively a very short leash -- if she doesn't follow the rules (only doing pre-approved appearances, sticking to script, etc.) she can be de-crowned and it'll be trickier to claim it's because she's anti gay marriage. He made her less news worthy and is no doubt hoping this cools the feeding frenzy. If they had taken the crown, the fundies would be going nuts and we'd be treated to seeing her on the news 24/7 again. This way hopefully she fades into obscurity fairly quickly.

Annette said...

Well, I never had any respect for "the Donald" he is nothing but a GOP asshole like most of the rest of the big business rich shits. He is hypocritical and typical of all the rethugs. Just as she is.. One picture my ass... In other words, she thought she had the others buried, but they found their way out...lol

She will be speaking out again soon for NOM, I would bet...just in a different way, or one not quite so open...but she will.. that's not going to change.. she is making too much for them.. and she will be back with Focus on the Family too. Give her time.. let the hot press die a little...lol

yellowdog granny said...

she gave the donald a good christians blow job and he gave her another chance...

slyght said...

these particular pix couldn't've been taken in jan '09. they are pre-op pix and it would've taken too long for the healing and scarring to go down before the pageant. that's just my bewb-oriented take. yeah, she's a goof as is he.

John said...

Great post! I also referred to her as a nitwit LOL in my latest post. Donald Chump, as usual made a fool of himself...putting down the Miss America pageant, constantly saying all this wouldn't be happening if Carrie weren't so beautiful, hey now that's something--applause from the paparazzi! I could go on and on, but I am so over both of them.

themom said...

Mnmom: She probably would need a dictionary to find out what "hypocrite" means...that's if she could spell it right.

LL Cool Joe: Yep that she would.

Grandpa Eddie: Amazing she just happened to be looking at the camera while the wind DIDN'T blow her hair. DUH!?!?

Lemmy: As long as she becomes the butthole of the Christian movement - they can have her.

ReRe: I think the lying is what pisses me off more.

Nan: I hadn't heard what the new requirements were, before I ranted.

Annette: NOM can have her!

yellowdog: I believe you may be right.

slyght: Hmmmm...not sure about that.

John: I fail to see the beauty when they can have every body part changed. Hell, take some of my boobs off, new teeth, a little dice and slice - and whoopee!! I'll look just like her!! LOL