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Monday, May 25, 2009


My very good friend (and sometimes bodyguard), invited me out to his house for a picnic yesterday, and after putting him off on many requests, I agreed to come out. Primarily it was to be mostly adults, and I told him I would have thegrandson, and he assured me he would have ways to keep him occupied.

I explained to him that in order to come out to his place, to me it is like planning for a trip. It is a total of 34 miles from here, mostly interstate, but then 5 miles of backwoods country road. But the day was lovely and I can only refuse so many times, because he has mastered the art of "laying on the guilt."

Windy, as I have called him for 30 years, built a beautiful home near Piedmont Lake, and has over 140 acres of beautiful wooded property. He has worked quite hard to make this a dream location for himself and his children and grandchildren. The picture above is a zoomed in shot of the man made pond he has constructed and stocked with fish. (That would be thegrandson in the center - totally amazed at all the beauty). Here is a normal shot taken from the deck which runs the length of the home.

When we arrived, I was glad to see two of his grandchildren come out to greet us, as thegrandson would now have someone to "play" with, while the adults gathered. When Windy asked his 11 year old grandson to take thegrandson for a ride in the dune buggy - I thought thegrandson would explode with glee.

Windy has constructed roads all over the property for the dune buggy and quads. I have a video of thegrandson getting on the quad, with the life vests - heading down to the pond for a swim. Windy's daughter supervised the kids while swimming and got some terrific pictures, which she will download and email to me maybe tomorrow. Thegrandson had no swim trunks, so underwear sufficed - and he was happy as a clam.

I have to admit, I left here yesterday with some trepidation, that I would not be able to enjoy the company of my friends, as I had to watch thegrandson. The day could not have turned out any better. For all the hesitation I have had to go out there, Windy's daughter assured me she is there most weekends - and I know I could drop in ANYTIME - even stay the night if I so desired. After we return from vacation, I would imagine that we will be spending some time at "the farm" this summer.

I have to note, Windy (like me) is a stickler for manners. All the kids say "yes Pap, no Pap, the please and thank yous of course. Thegrandson has been prompted this way since he could talk - so he fit right in. At first he was in awe of everything around him, he made a slip up here and there, but he became attuned rather quickly.

Windy and his "first" ex-wife, and my husband and I - all had children close to the same age and we spent a lot of time together during those years. Since my husband died, he calls me at least once a week, we do lunch occasionally, and he was there for me when my husband and twin sister passed away. When he married for the second time - I advised him against it - I was right it didn't last. (Did I gloat - yep!) He now has a girlfriend, and she and I get along well. Bottom line - if I needed someone by my side in an emergency - Windy is my man.

Thegrandson fell asleep in the car on the way home - so I knew he was totally exhausted by all the fun he had. That makes for a good day!

Remember our troops on this Memorial Day - and I shall return....later........


skyewriter said...

Sounds like a great time. Loved the pictures.

yellowdog granny said...

looks like a beautiful spot to spend time..glad you and grandson had such a great time...i love a kid that is trained in manners...he'll go far.

PENolan said...

Good imagination and good manners - that's all any kid ever needs.

I wish you knew a single guy like that in my neighborhood

Grandpa Eddie said...

Sounds like you and Windy both raised your kids the way I raised mine....same way mom and dad raised me.

Seems like Windy is one of those friends that are few and far between. Sometimes a friend like that can be closer than family.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sounds like a great place to visit and a good friend you have there.

Chickie said...

Glad you went and had a good time! Heh, thegrandson looks tickled pink in the dune buggy.

Blonde Goddess said...

I have always enjoyed going to the lake. We spend a lot of time there when we go home to Maine in the summer.
When I was a kid we'd go to the lake every holiday weekend in the summer time and stay at the camp.
Loved the pictures!