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Saturday, May 09, 2009


I don't know if the Mayor of NYC made this decision himself or not...but it sucks balls!

As if times are not hard enough - now they want to charge rent to the homeless people. I'm sure there are slackers there as well, but for those who are working for minimum wage, and trying to get out on their own...this is so defeating. Apparently Michael Bloomberg, since he is so fukking rich, has never done the basic math of what 40 hours minimum wage equals.

Shame...shame on these imbeciles.


Utah Savage said...

Bloomberg should be shot in the ass with buckshot, and thrown out on his ass. Where's Dick Cheney when we need a man willing to plug a friend with buckshot?

Nan said...

All shelters charge rent. Sometimes it's as low as a token quarter a night; sometimes it's a lot more. I can see doing a sliding scale -- because up to 50% of a person's income is indeed excessive. One third would be in line with what's expected in subsidized housing.

Grandpa Eddie said...

The standard is 31% of income should be used to cover housing expense. But even that is too much for someone who is trying to get enough money together to find a place to rent. At the rate they are charging these people they will never be able to move out of the shelters.

yellowdog granny said...

one word!....'buttroy'..

Mnmom said...

What the hell is happening in this country? It's like all the rich have decided to just create a peasant class, no one in the middle anymore. Have we no shame? No decency anymore?

PENolan said...

When you consider the amount of the parking tickets after Bloomberg got ahold of them, raising the rent on the homeless is part of his Rich Ass gestalt.

Flying Junior said...

In Los Angeles, families are allowed a maximum of 6 months. If they have income, they are required to set a portion aside to save up for starting a rental.