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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


For those of you who might have missed "Reefer Madness" in your youth, I thought I would refresh your memories. the film sucks, but it was made in 1936 - so digital was not even a dream.

I found one clip that had the beginning of the film, but it was in terrible condition. the warning referred to Marihuana (sic) as the worst scourge in America - and it was definitely Public Enemy No. One! I remember seeing this at a Girl Scout meeting, and laughing because of the terrible acting.

Vincente Fox, former Pres. of Mexico is calling for a multi-national debate over legalizing marijuana, claiming that prohibition didn't work, and after it was lifted, crime decreased. Fairly good argument there.

Just thought I would indulge in a little whimsy this evening. I make no secret that I feel marijuana should be legalized - so enjoy!


Annette said...

Jesse Ventura was on Larry King the other night.. after he offered to water board Cheney and get him to confess to the Sharon Tate murders, he said we should legalize marijuana. It's a great clip. I have it up if you want to see it.

Utah Savage said...

I just wanted to stop by before I toke on my pipe and go crazy.

Grandpa Eddie said...

The govt would be wise to legalize pot. It could be regulated, 21 to use, and taxed. California alone figured the could take in $12 billion in taxes/year.

Anonymous said...

They need to legalize it if they won't prescribe xanax to people who need it to be calm. Pot is the next best thing.


yellowdog granny said...

of course it should be legal...just saying no...? ain't working..

The Immortal Woman said...

Ohio has no industry left, we can;t afford to run our schools, the lottery is not bringing in enough. We have a lot of good farm land, we have a lot of idle hands that need work, we have a lot of people who could be consultants. We have to so something, they may not want gambling here, but the taxes alone would boom our state. We need to be the first to legalize, grow and sell it in state stores. Our whole state is going to look like Flint Michigan if we don't do something. I vote 'OHIO for the HIGH', 'They do not call us O-HI-O for nothing', The campaign starts here!

PENolan said...

In addition to being fun, hemp is an excellent cash crop for other uses which is why corporate farmers of cotton, corn etc. aren't so into the hemp idea. Undercuts the paper industry and some others I can't remember because either (a) I'm old or (b) got high . . .

themom said...

Annette: I saw the clip - super.

Utah Savage: You go girl!!!

yellowdog granny: nope, that plan took a dump.

Immortal Woman: I love living in o-HI-o!!

PENolan: heehee!! You and me both.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

There is an updated musical version that is totally hillarious. I got it from Netflix and laughed my ass off.

Lisa said...

When I was a teenager, this movie was on and a few of us were draped over the family room furniture watching it. My mom decided it was a teachable moment and said something clever like "see what will happen if you smoke pot? You'll be crazy and embarrassing!"

To which I replied "Well then you can tell people it was the pot instead of the way you raised us."

I don't think I was allowed to drive the car for a week after that smart remark.

That's what I think of whenever I see this movie. Having my wings clipped.