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Sunday, May 17, 2009


When the previews started airing for this movie, I have to say, they were compelling. I love drama and action movies. This movie has all that, plus the star is Liam Neeson. He is a versatile actor and everything I have seen to date, be it the period pieces or the dramas - I love them all.

As parents, we know in our hearts that we would do anything for our children and their safety is of primary importance. Neeson's character is, by his own definition, a retired "preventor." He is referring to his former work for the government, which his daughter is totally unaware.

I won't go into detail, but if you love action and drama...this is a great movie. I won't mention that I saw this on a pirated DVD before it was released. Now I will have to buy a "good" copy.

Thedaughter is getting excited over a vacation at the beach, and was counting days last night...we are leaving in 22 days for Ocean City, Md.

She has to plot everything is seems. So far she has a folder full of data, clothing lists, hotel information, mapquest and on and on. I have at least 8 swimsuits, and thedaughter only has 2...poor baby. A real adventure would be if I wore my suit like this crazy lady. What a revolting thought!

I feel some guilt, as thedaughter has not had a real vacation since she was in grade school. There was just no extra money for vacations after our last family vacation. So this is a thrill for her, and thegrandson will get to see the ocean and play in the sand.

The drive time is just under eight hours, which will be nice as we can share driving duties. The last time (so many years ago), I drove the entire eight hours, as my husband was working in Delaware at the time, and he drove down to meet us there. Which reminds me, I have to find some form of a lumbar support for the car - as my back suffers miserably after any long periods in the car. I have always had cars with built in lumbar supports, but I overlooked that accessory when I purchased this vehicle. Duh!!!

Now for another change of topic...Newt Gingrich. the lying, wife cheating former Speaker of the House. Now it appears he wants to have Pelosi censured, which would mean she would forfeit her position as SOH. Is anyone else amazed, how the former rethugs, who have been ousted from office - still manage to have a voice (thanks to Faux News) in political matters - as if we, the intelligent would believe those who LIED and were caught in those lies. I just want to pull what little hairs are left in my head - out!

Have a great Sunday. I have to print off a birthday card for the grandson to give his friend at a party this afternoon. I'm a real cheapo - he will color the card and put his sentiments on as well. Considering cards just get thrown away - this is much more economical, for this tight ass.



skyewriter said...

I can't get past that picture! Does she have the suit on backwards?

That was too funny.

Nan said...

Wardrobe malfunction? Suit on backwards? It is indeed a tad distracting.

Speaking of movies, we saw "Star Trek" earlier today. The first five minutes were better than most of the previous movies combined. My only regret was seeing it in a regular theater instead of taking the time to drive up to Kennesaw to an IMAX.

themom said...

skywriter: I believe she does - she not to smart.

Nan: There are no IMAX theatres near here and I have NEVER seen a movie in one yet. I hear they are great.

skyewriter said...

Totally off topic, but I'm with Nan. Loved the Star Trek (altho' didn't see it in an IMAX).

yellowdog granny said...

i'd watch liam neeson read the phone book...and wouldn't you think that bathing suit would hurt really bad...?

Nan said...

I've only seen museum type films in IMAX theaters so far, stuff like "The Dream is Alive" at the Space Museum in Huntsville, Alabama and, most recently, a film about dinosaurs at the Fernbank Museum here in Atlanta. I just found out this past week the Atlanta area has 3 (three!) cineplexs that include an IMAX screen, although none are close (less than 10 miles) to where we live. I'm thinking a good sci fi film would be amazing on an IMAX screen.

Mommy Lisa said...

That picture was funny!

PENolan said...

I just hope to high hell that's not your daughter in the picture ;)