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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cynic that I am....

WTF?!?!? Supposedly, Cheney injured his back while "moving" boxes into his McLean, Virginia home the other day. That's one big load of crap. C'mon now...he is worth millions, and has the WH staff at his beck and call (all before exiting today), and there is absolutely no reason why this jerk would even be lifting boxes.

Now, in my cynical way of thinking, if he indeed, did injure his back "moving those damn boxes", I am making a wild guess that said boxes probably contained "personal" papers, he was taking home to SHRED!!! Thus, the reason for the personal touch. Bush and Cheney have both been ordered by the courts to produce all these phone records and e-mails - but how much do you want to bet - they will never appear?!?!?!
One call to his Haliburton buddies, and slate wiped clean!

Is this not a GREAT picture??? Barack, Michelle, Jill and Joe waving "tata" to the Bushes. I thought I would never live for this day - and this picture alone, sums up my feelings quite well. "Scoot, scram, vamoose, get the hell out of here!" Woohoo, I'm ecstatic.

OK, this is my last sound-off of the day. There will be more tomorrow, of that I am sure. So, till then...Later.............


Mnmom said...

I agree.
I thought Cheney looked like Old Man Potter from It's a Wonderful Life, minus the kind disposition.

I know we liberals should take the high road, but I wanted so bad for one really old lady, black or white, to hit him with her purse.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Somewhere in a parallel universe, Superheroine Aretha Franklin grabbed a hold of Cheney's wheelchair and pushed him down the stairs. Imagine the applause of a grateful and amused nation.

I am so glad you had a fine time of today.
Cheers, Darling.

Utah Savage said...

I share every sentiment expressed here. I thought the same thing about Cheney. We are a couple of cynical old broads, or great minds think alike. Probably one of those two.

Isn't that a picture? Bye bye, farewell and do not come back unless subpoenaed.

Utah Savage said...

Oh yes, I didn't read the other comments, but now I see I agree with Madame. Aritha in her Sunday Morning Go to Meeting hat pushing that Dick down the capital steps would have been the perfect touch.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I can hear Obama now, "Buh bye, see ya, buh bye, have a nice flight, move along now...."

Lisa said...

Chris Matthews kept saying "Look at Cheeeeney in that wheelchair! What a metaphor for this outgoing Administration!"

I couldn't help but laugh.