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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm sure that most of us who could, have been glued to our televisions on this historic day. I have seen many Inaugurations, and truly this one took my breath away. I must say, I do not remember all the former Presidents being in attendance in the past, and feel that this is more of a change promoted by our new Prez!

A little fact I also was unaware - that since the oath of office for the President, was running late, Barack Obama was STILL technically President at 12 noon - per our Constitution. I shall file that away on one of the computer chips in my brain, under trivia - albeit an interesting piece at that.

As far as the FORMER president goes, he could not leave Washington fast enough for me...and mean spirited as I am...it would have been cool to see Cheney rolling under a bus in his wheelchair. Smackey, smackey - I'm being awful here. As others have stated - the ultimate act, would have been to see Bush and Cheney in handcuffs being hauled away for their crimes against our country and the world.

One repuke analyst on CNN was upset because of the "booing" emitted from the crowds, when Bush was announced and came down the steps to his seat. Excuse me....people are pissed - GET OVER IT!!! The interviews taking place within these crowds has been great. People in general, knew they would never catch a glimpse of our new President, but just to be there - feel the electricity and the historic significance - is overwhelming.

I have never been a fan of Chief Justice John Roberts (from his confirmation hearings on) and to see this smug, arrogant puke SCREW up a 37 word, oath of office was hysterically funny. Considering Obama knew the oath - he manged to be flustered when Roberts fukked it up. Good grief!

In approximately one half hour, the parade from the Capitol to the White House will take place. I am curious if the new President and family will walk the 1.7 mile route. I'm not sure if security can handle that, considering the massive crowds in attendance.

I just received a call from a company handling the shipment of theson's TV, bike and other belongings, which he boxed for shipment home - in early November. We discussed this when he was home at Christmas, and there was no way to track this shipment at all. Apparently it never left Egypt till a week and a half ago. DUH!?!?! Now, the paperwork is apparently incomplete, more money requested, blah, blah, blah. I just told the jerk...email the details to theson and it will all be taken care of, one way or the other. Now that his "stuff" is on a dock in NYC somewhere, we shall see how long it takes to arrive at my doorstep.
I'm going to dash off here for now...watch the rest of the festivities - and will be back......Later......


Nan said...

I saved my sanity by watching it all on C-SPAN. The sound quality was rather uneven, and there were times when the IPTV feed at work broke down completely, but at least I was spared having Wolf Blitzer or some other idiot "explain" it all to me.

I even watched the entire parade. I loved the hideously cheesy state floats -- they looked like something from a small town's homecoming parade.

The Immortal Woman said...

There is a new since of hope in his smile.

Utah Savage said...

You've done some very fine posting on the Inauguration.

I'm just lolling about eating pastry and drinking luke warm latte. And I am also chain smoking. I have a big day ahead of me if I'm going to make it awake. This is exciting stuff, but I'm so sleepy. I have out of town guests who barged in on me and my sleeping dog at 8AM, just like we planned, only I was asleep (not like we planned)and so was Cyrus. Gawd I'm awful.

Kulkuri said...

Yesterday was a very nice day. one thing would be even nicer. Wouldn't watching the Busheviks doing the "Perp Walk" be just loverly??

While I was at the laundromat across the street the TV was on Univision and they had a graphic saying "Una Nuevo Era". It is a new era and lets hope Obama can reverse aWol's eight years of screwing us (and not in a good way) and get busy working for all of us not just the richest one half percent.

Freida Bee said...

I would have liked to have seen Bush and Cheney have to teave on foot (and wheel) through that crowd. A "Celebration of Shoes" in that crowd would have made me happy.

I love Obama's shit-eating grin in hiz Prez pic.