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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Night of Farewells...Bush or Grissom?!?!?!?!

OK already!!!! Fix your umbrella and fly away. Are you still a competitive fuck who has to run up against Gil Grissom leaving C.S.I. tonight???? Give me a break. If a poll were taken across the country right this minute, even those who do not watch this show would prefer to say good-bye to Grissom before the D. C. Idiot!!!! The press conference the other day should have told everyone that!

Since the village idiot could not even get enough press correspondents to fill the room to hear his meanderings - what makes him think the rest of America wishes to have their Thursday night viewing interrupted for more bullshit???

Now, William Petersen, who portrays Gil Grissom on C.S.I., has even been at his job longer than Dubya. He has bested him by one year...and would it not be for his personal decision to leave the show...he could be there nine more! At least he is liked by the people (unlike the Prez), and will definitely be missed a great deal more.

I actually feel like we may know Grissom so much better than Dubya as there was transparency of sorts to his character (and sometimes elusive). We lived through the tragedies, the loves, the passion and grief in his life...but as shows go - he must move on. There is an upside though...he has stated he will return upon occasion to the show. Please, if there is a God...do not let Bush return to the nightmare movie he made us live through!!! Here I am - I'm begging!

Enough of my commiserating...I shall get through this, I will avoid TV until 8:15 pm and hope and pray that the puke is finally off the airs (that would be the Bush one)! We will see if I survive this. That is my humor of the moment. So, everyone try to stay warm and I will return.....later......


Mommy said...



Lisa said...

It's bound to be good for yucks. The funny yucks and the pukey yucks. I think I'll leave it for someone else to enjoy....

Nan said...

Even worse -- because of that SOB, there was no "Bones"!