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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I may have to go ballistic on someone........

I'm sure I get much the same e-mails as most of you, and I sometimes do the obligatory forward of particularly good and/or interesting ones. But I have one person, and I won't call him a friend, but he is a client - so I have to act semi-decent in his presence, who insists on sending me GARBAGE. I definitely know how to throw tantrums once he has left my home though.

I am not one who likes to "bite my tongue" or "hold it in", but when it is a business aspect - I have to take on a professional persona. Anyway, this moron, is a right-wing (to the extreme) nit nut, and he sends me some extremely awful e-mails towards Obama. Most are racially wrong and totally distasteful. I have mastered the art of the "delete" button, and honestly, I've told him that I do not appreciate this type of e-mail. He just doesn't get it!

If I receive a good and extremely funny joke, or Maxine material - I forward them on...but I have made a practice of not forwarding anything political - as my friends have varying views, which is all well and good. To spout my political leanings...I have this blog and it serves me quite well.

Until I find a workable solution for this dick-head, I will continue to just "delete." I get frustrated that when I tell him of my preferences, he just turns a blind eye...maybe I could manage to have him hit "upside the head!" Nahhh!

I feel better getting that off of my chest. So enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll return, later..............


Nan said...

If it's any comfort, you're not alone in your suffering. I think we've all got acquaintances (clients, co-workers, friends, relatives, in-laws, whatever)who apparently need to be fitted for tinfoil hats based on the e-mails they forward.

crystal dawn said...

Same here. I was talking to the guy who sends them and he was like, "so I was listening to Hannity the other day...."

I understand that not everyone is as edjumacated as I am politically, so I tend to hold my tongue when wing-nuts start talking all crazy and stuff. There's no convincing the willfully ignorant.

Kulkuri said...

I say Ditto to the first two comments, does that make me a Dittohead?? I have finally managed to get most of those who know my e-mail address to stop sending right-wingnut bullshit.(Most, not all). One insisted on forwarding sappy religous stuff and far right-wingnut propaganda until I quit communicating with him entirely. He was almost normal until he went back in the Navy and finished his 20.

Mauigirl said...

A friend of mine keeps getting similar e-mails from a woman in our neighborhood and even though she told her to take her off her list, she keeps sending them! What's wrong with these people?

Love the "Dildo" picture. I have actually been in the town of Dildo, Newfoundland and have a picture me next to the town's sign!