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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I really started my 2009 off with a BANG!!!!

I have to vent a wee tad and put into words what happened since I last posted here. New Year's Eve went quite well, I cooked for the family, wished all my fellow bloggers a New Year's wish, banged the pans at midnight...and was asleep by 1:30 am.

I could NOT get out of my bed the next morning, achy all over, fever and generally feeling like a lump. I don't remember getting out of bed at all on the 1st - maybe one bathroom run. Friday morning the 2nd, I could hardly swallow, my throat felt like it was closed entirely, and the aching became PAIN, so I had thedaughter take me to the ER. Now, I'm worried about the swollen glands in my neck and swallowing issue and the med techs are going crazy with all the cardio hookups. Yes, I have a cardiac history, but I know my body better than those attending me, and could not get one single person to look at my throat. Finally after ONE chest X-ray, the ER doc says, "you have a big old pneumonia!" And I just want to smack him in the face. He said he wanted to admit me - "fine" I say, "but my son is leaving for Egypt tomorrow, and I have to be able to see him." Doctor walks away.

When thedaughter returned I explained the situation, she goes to speak with the doctor and he tells her he is NOT admitting me, but sure that he will see me back in a couple of days!!!!!! Yes, Virginia, the world is FULL of morons. I was given prescriptions for two meds - horse pills if you will - and told to get ahold of my family physician. So home we go...prescriptions filled...and I have the hardest time trying to get these pills down, with my throat closing.

I could not get comfortable enough to sleep at all that night (Friday), and first thing Saturday morning, thedaughter called my family physician and was told I was to be admitted through the ER. Now, efficiency apparently is no longer the norm (who am I kidding), as I was in the ER from 10:30 am till almost 4 pm, waiting on a room, or for a decision still to be made. I cannot talk, swallow and coughing was a killer. As soon as I get into a room, all antibiotics are IV and I start to get some immediate relief. Sleeping was still a challenge and I think I began counting how many times the elevator doors opened and closed.

Sunday's do not see a lot of testing, i.e., X-rays, scans and such, so I watched TV and took in all the meds through the veins. Family visited and all left by 7:30 pm. At 10 pm, I had spasms in my throat - or something - and I could NOT breathe. They initiated the Rapid Response Team, and I had more people around my bed (and no one in bed with me) trying to help me get air. I, of course probably went into a panic attack, because I was suffocating and nothing was helping. I have to admit, I have never been that afraid in my life - even when I had triple bypass, I was not this tense. By midnight, I was stable, and breathing better - but of course, no sleep again.

First thing Monday morning, I had the CAT scans (multiple) and answers were now coming forth. Double pneumonia and the infection in my glands (neck & throat) was massive. They plugged in more antibiotics and cortisone treatments and I could finally rest. I slept well Monday night and was released yesterday. I am not allowed to do a damn thing and that is driving me NUTS. Don't these people know I have to get all this Christmas stuff put away and all???

Actually, I am thankful to have answers, to be able to start healing, and enjoy just BEING HERE!!

Thedaughter put the little "hospital" notice on here for me - and everyone's well wishes are so warmly accepted.

I have to remember to ask my doctor - this pneumonia is BACTERIAL - and I wonder if working in all the mucky water in the basement after Christmas may have caused this??? I may never know. the last time I had pneumonia was over 32 years ago - and I don't remember it being anything like this event.

Thanks to everyone for caring!!! It means the world to me!

So much has been happening since this little set-back, I can't wait to start popping off here again! So keep on coming back please!!


Mnmom said...

OH MY GOD WOMAN!!!!! We almost lost you!!!
That must have been terrifying. Why the hell didn't they start IV meds in the ER? That's part of ER treatment! I wish I could just pop over and put away all your Christmas stuff and make a pot of soup and fluff your pillows. So just know that in my mind I'm doing just that.

Take it easy! I've had pneumonia several times, and once you have it your are prone to future bouts.

Chickie said...

Oh wow. Take care and don't overtax yourself. Just leave the Christmas stuff up for this year!

arrozconpollo said...

Glad you're back in one piece. Sounds horrible that you had to go through that. We were in the ER over the weekend with our oldest. Everything's fine with us and I'm glad you are on the mend as well. Lets hope the rest of 2009 goes better, eh?

Nan said...

We should swap ER horror stories -- the time lag between when they decide you need to be hospitalized and when you actually end up in a bed can seem to take longer than the actual hospitalization -- but I'm just relieved you have a form of pneumonia that can be effectively treated with antibiotics.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

OMGoodness, that sounds terrifying! I am SO glad you were admitted finally and got some serious treatment. I know you're probably stir crazy, but seriously take the docs advice and REST!

Kulkuri said...

Nice to see you are on your feet again and on the road to recovery.

The people in ER never seem to listen to the person they are treating.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hey! Christmas Decoration can wait, keep yo ass in the bed. I hate it when you go to doctors and they "assume" they know everything and don't listen to you. I say smack them. Ummmm... Oh yes, stay in bed and get plenty of rest, everything else can wait.

crystal dawn said...

Glad you are doing better!

Liberality said...

The Christmas stuff can wait, it's not going anywhere. You are to relax, read, surf the net, watch tv, SLEEP and then GET BETTER!

Utah Savage said...

I'm so relieved. I kept commenting on your other blog, and thought you were mad at me. Then found my way here and your family's note that you were in the hospital.

I too had been sickish, but had a doctor appointment scheduled and just waited for that to address the oncoming chest infection. Just in time. Steroids and antibiotics and by tomorrow night I might be able to sleep through the night.

So we should take better care of ourselves.

You have been missed a great deal. I finally got you blog rolled and then you vanished. Scared me senseless.

kenju said...

GOOD LORD!! You really go the whole hog, don't you? I am glad to know that you are on the mend!

Dave said...

Good God, what an ordeal. I know the drill all too well as I went in the hospital under the same symptoms, but came out different, and deaf!
Thank the universe you are OK, you have a lot of good vibes going out to you from the universe.
Best to you for the new year!


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend. Don't over do it!