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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I really love to PLAY...

and thanks to Lisa, I have had a blast by "Obamicon-ing!"

Theson's turned out rather well - in my humble opinion.

Daughter2 - incredibly beautiful, no matter how the picture is enhanced.

Thedaughter's actually turned out well also!

Thegrandson - what can I say - ADORABLE!

Angel - the lovable canine of the family. the cat just didn't make the cut this time...hope she doesn't claw my eyes out later!!

I was impressed with these prints for Obama from the "git-go!" Reminds me of the op-art days! When it comes to shits and giggles...count me in! I shall return....later.......


Liberality said...

I can see you love playing with it as much as I do.

Lisa said...

Cool! I've been playing with it, too.

daughter2 said...

These are awesome! I love the brothers'. And thank you! It's in the genes....Love ya bunches

Mnmom said...

Oh Geez all the cool kids are doing it Ma!!!

kenju said...

I made mine and I love it - but there's something wrong with the site and it won't let me print or save it. I'll try again later.

themom said...

OH yes, playing is so much fun Lisa and Liberality.

Daughter2...you are beautiful period.

Mnmom...I want to be with the cool kids.

Kenju...right click on your finished Obamicon, and save it to a picture file. Then you can print and play more.