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Friday, January 09, 2009

Kids never cease to amaze me....

I believe I have noted here in the past, that this is primarily a household of women - myself, thedaughter and then we have her 8 year old son. He is so outnumbered unless his uncle makes an annual appearance.

The little stinker enjoys all the amenities of PSP, PS2, DVD's...you name it - he definitely is not deprived. We are supporting all male activities (baseball, other sports, etc.) and expose him to many positive male role models. Of course, this is definitely due to the asshole sperm donor being absent - and to be honest - we like it just the way things are!

Last evening, as I was sitting here at the computer messing around as usual, the grandson ran past me and trudged upstairs.

He yelled down "Mom, what did you want?"

Me, being in a room between the two, asked what he was looking for and received the reply, "never mind, I found it."

He comes back down the stairs with 3 tampons in his hand and I asked what the heck he was doing - he retorted "Mom, needed one, so I got her three and that will last her for a long time!"

Alrighty then...knock me over with a feather. I have no witty comeback, except to laugh uproariously. I then broke the news to thedaughter that she NOW had to make sure that those three necessities lasted for a loooooooong time! The dumbfounded look on her face was priceless.

This all came on the heels of having a Skype conversation (webcam) with theson in Egypt, of which he may have no recollection. When the call rings through, both webcams load and I can then see into his hotel room and if he is there we will start up a conversation. This event will last in my memories forever.

As soon as the connection is made, I can see into his room - theson is not visible, but I hear something like a rodent moving around, and the webcam is vibrating slightly. Out of the nether regions of his room I hear "Hey!" OK, I recognize theson's voice and ask "where the hell are you?" You'll love this..."I'm down here on the floor." Thinking sanely, I ask if he is working on computer wires or something and he says "Nope, it's comfortable here!"

I cannot stop laughing, realizing that I am sure he may be intoxicated (slightly), and then a hand appears on the screen, then the computer moves again and I am looking at my son laughing and laying on this hotel room floor.

We had over 20 minutes of laughing conversation - one would have to understand how absolutely hysterically funny my son can be - to appreciate this tale. I took three pictures with the webcam but have no idea how to convert them, or I would have them on here in a heartbeat!

Theson is such a sweetheart and never ceases to perk up my spirits when they sometimes drag the ground. And yesterday was just another one of those times. I am sure he is much more sober today, remembering very little of this fine humorous moment - but fear not, I am here to constantly remind him!!

So, my friends (sounds like Johnny McC huh?), if you ever need a humorous uplift in life - I can refer you to theson's site. Hopefully he wouldn't kill me...but I am themom!!

Have a great evening and I will be back....later...............


The Immortal Woman said...

Too Funny! You are pretty good at lifting the spirits yourself!

Utah Savage said...

I love the tampon tale.

Glad your conversation with your son was so enjoyable and cheery. Sounds like you're feeling a lot better. I'm still riding the steroid roller coaster of emotionalism. I'm either pissed off or weeping. And seemingly better in the daytime and sick as hell all night. Should be turning the corner soon.

Lisa said...

Hahahaha. When he's asked to go to the store and pick up tampons or pads, he'll be desensitized to it that he won't bat an eye or scream ewwww!

That's likely to make some woman really, really happy.

slyght said...

we talked? no just kidding, but i don't recall me being so funny, but then again, i am pretty modest. good times and KFC. i was finding nuggets on the floor two days later which is a testament to 1) how much fun i was having, and 2) how shitey the housekeeping is at my hotel. and they wonder why i don't tip.

Dave said...

So funny! Skype has changed the world for many, has it not. Happy to hear you two had a chuckle miles and miles apart.


Kulkuri said...

The tampon bit is priceless!!

daughter2 said...

LMAO!!!! This is hysterical-I love my family....and everyone wonders what the hell is wrong with me? HYSTERICAL!!! Love ya bunches!!!
You 2 brother!!!!!