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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Futility to Frustration......

Lisa, over at That's Why, has tagged me for a meme...and I must obey! Should I dismiss this mission, I am sure the little blog gnomes would appear from the cracks in the floorboard and make off with my soul, at the very least. Before I begin, I do like memes'...as they give us an insight in to our friends minds (or lack thereof), and definitely worth a giggle or two.

As per the rules, I will tag a few at the end...and hope they will still remain friendly afterwards. I'm so damn lovable it would be hard to truly despise me, I'm sure!!! So ON WITH THE GAMES!!

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Six random things................

1. I have never been diagnosed as OCD, but know deep in my heart that there are definite "sign" of this malady within me. Just seeing things misaligned, or out of proper order - drives me to total frustration. One time my MIL hung some new curtains and they were obviously dipping on one side, and I called her on it...to which she said I was crazy. Being much younger and having to prove the point, I had to dig through the tool box in the basement to get a level to prove myself right. After applying the tool to the top of the curtain rod - proving I was right - I proceeded to do the Happy Dance. We laughed about that incident for quite some time, and she never failed to call me on future important issues requiring a "good eye."

2. I sometimes (note this word) feel guilty because I do not miss my abusive, alcoholic husband, since he passed away in 2000. We made two beautiful children together, I loved him deeply and still have love for him...but I do not MISS him at all. I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with this one...but the lack of feeling in this area has not impaired my life in any way. I was in no way strong enough to make him "quit" drinking - and I felt inadequate for awhile - but realized, this effort was all on his shoulders, not mine. A wife and children are NOT good enough reasons for an alcoholic to stop...this I do know.

3. I miss my twin sister greatly. When she passed away at 49 (not ever wanting to turn 50), my heart broke into a million pieces. She and I were separated by a mean vindictive woman (our adoptive mother) for way too many years, and when the old broad died, I brought her into my life and they were the best nine years together. She began to grow and evolve into her own self, after being the pawn of that woman for so many years. She would be so proud of her nieces and nephews and especially her great nephew...life holds no guarantees, that's for sure.

4. I suffer from severe frustration, that I cannot do the things physically, that were once no challenge at all. I used to re-arrange furniture almost weekly...my poor family was definitely afraid to run in a room and plop in a chair, as it might no longer be there. Even today, I walk into different rooms and I want to move things, but know that I could have a heart attack or "throw out" an important muscle in the process. I am having thoughts of slowly changing my bedroom and plotting a simplistic approach...hmmmmmm!

5. I was a Cokeaholic for many, many years. I'm talking about starting eons ago with the 8 oz. bottles and working up to the era of a refrigerator pack of 12. Of course the constant heartburn was no deterrent, because I was Wonder Woman. I am hypoglycemic and have to get my sugar levels up in the mornings, thus pop a can of pop (that would be soda in some regions) and I was good to go. I "got off" the Coca Cola maybe 7 years ago and now I ration Diet Dr. Pepper into my life. Heartburn gone, caloric intake down, this was a good move. This insane addiction to Coke was unbelievable. It was at a point where I could tell you what kind and size of container the product came from, and one wouldn't even think to throw a Pepsi into the mix. Now life is coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper....and all is good.

6. I suffer from the frustration and futility of having absolutely NO WILLPOWER!!! I honestly do not believe I have an addictive personality (this is arguable), but to stick to a diet, give up smoking, adhere to an exercise regimen....nope...I'm a great starter, but a lousy finisher. Therefore, my lifespan is considerably shortened and that is why I have to make my impact NOW!!! I'm one who will be saying WOOHOO all the way to my grave...as I will do what I want, when I want, no matter the cost. Life is short - my husband, twin sister and brother all died before age 52 - and I have beaten that record so far. I will be 57 on the 26th of this month, and I am happy!!! (I'm sure you all wrote down that important date, right????)

Having been tagged with this meme, I initially thought that it would be difficult to come up with six things about myself...now my mind is racing with some other attributes. Being spontaneous for one. But I will save that for another time.

My duty has been fulfilled, so I will now tag six people, and hope they hold no animosity towards me.

The "taggees would be":

Evil Twin's Wife at Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau
Dave at Five String Guitar
Mnmom at Happy to Be From Iowa
Boo boo La la's Mom at Mommy's Nest
CDP at (parenthetical)
Ron at Warped Mind of Ron

And to those who may hate me for this...I had to do it - LISA WAS GOING TO COME PEE IN MY DRAWER if I didn't!!! I was scared not to! As we say "askeered."

Have a great day.


Dave said...

This was wonderful to read, and I am sure as much fun to do, and I will get on it.
Thanks for the tag.


Lisa said...

These are always interesting to me. Thank you for indulging me.

I understand what you mean by still loving, but not missing someone.

Liberality said...

wow, I learned a lot about you that I didn't know before so that's why these meme's are around I guess.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very interesting. And thanks for the tag. I will get to it (maybe tomorrow, maybe early next week), but it WILL get posted. :-)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I will get to this ASAP. Very interesting facts, I'll have to dig up some good stuff.

Mnmom said...

But doesn't #5 prove #6 false? I'll do this soon, I promise.

Utah Savage said...

Oh hell, I'm too late. I tagged you too. Just ignore me.

Utah Savage said...

And before I forget to tell you, we are a lot alike. I consume caffine all day, only mine is strictly coffee and tea. I have no desire to quite smoking even if I found out I was dying. Well, we all are dying aren't we? I never thought I'd make it past 25, then 30. Now I'm closing in on 65 and after having watched my mother live into her mid eighties with no brain and only her meanness to keep her going, I know there are worse things than death. And there is such a thing as living too long.

themom said...

Dave: I found it to be cathartic.

Lisa: Thanks , I really enjoyed putting some of this into words.

Liberality: Yep, that's what it is for I guess.

ETW: Great...can't wait to see other's. I do like the memes.

Ron: Yours I'm excited about seeing...you are a trip.

Mnmom: Probably, I think I may be conflicted.

Utah Savage: I Love you!!!

Freida Bee said...

I knew I liked you. Al-Anoner (and AAer) here, and I have the same self-diagnosed OCD (though, unfortunately, not manifesting itself in the neatness realm- that was my mom's brand).

Take care of yourself. I am hoping there are many more things for you to write and much more furniture for you to boobytrap.