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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talk about your MIRACLES!!!

I have been glued to the TV since 3:45 pm this afternoon when CNN broke the news of this US Airways plane crashing into the Hudson River. This pilot, deserves a medal (and I'm serious) for the incredible landing he made, saving the lives of 150+ passengers and crew.

Having listened to some of the passengers and the praise they have for this man - it should not go any other way than a celebratory medal. I'm sure many of us have flown at times, and we have heard the humdrum announcements from the flight attendants, as to what we should do in case of an emergency - such as this...but never really pay attention. Yes, I remember they say the seat will act as a floatation device and yes, I think the life vest is under that seat somewhere...but I think I may actually listen next week when I board my U.S. Airways flight.

Only eight people were taken to hospitals (between New Jersey and New York), and none of the injuries are serious from these reports. Hypothermia and broken bones seem to be the main problems.

Kudos to the passengers for helping each other also. One young man stated that a young mother had an infant up on HIS shoulder and he immediately helped her ahead of himself, clinging to the "women and children first" policy. That man was raised right.

Three cheers to all the pilots of the various boats, ferries and small craft that immediately headed out to aid these people. I spent a good deal of time in Manhattan many moons ago, and was disappointed in their coldness and distance. the fast paced society did not lend itself to a friendly atmosphere. But I apologize for saying any mean things about those people and will never speak ill again.

All I can say is - I am impressed. Impressed with the talents of Chesley Sullenberger, the U.S. Air pilot. Impressed with the level headedness of the passengers. Impressed with the helpfulness of the citizens of New York and New Jersey. And very thankful, that these people can once again go home to families and loved ones. I am in awe of it all!

That's all for now......later..........


Mnmom said...

I'm with you - there is heroism - right there.

Utah Savage said...

This was the best news story in a very long time. It was well timed to overshadow the shrubs long goodbye, too. Maybe there is a god.

I have tagged you for a little meme.

slyght said...

ok W... it's chesley sUllenbergER... you're trying to give a medal to the wrong guy... love ya.

themom said...

Mnmom: Hooray for the super wonderful outcome.

Utah Savage: This event got my heart all pumped up, with the heroic efforts and "come together" spirit.

Slyght: Oops...I posted on my way to bed...I corrected the error. What would I do without you?

Mommy said...

My daycare provider remarked that in times like these when everyone feels like life is going to hell in a hand-basket, God is telling us he is here to take care of us still.

You know I agree with her...

Nan said...

If God is here to take care of us, why He'd steer that flock of geese in front of the plane to begin with?

Sorry. Don't really want to be snarky, but warped rationalizations -- like saying 155 people almost dying is a demonstration of a deity's love and compassion -- never fail to piss me off.

themom said...

Nan: I agree wholeheartedly - no snark at all!