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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I love hearing from INTELLECTUALS....

it sometimes is rather uplifting and definitely eye opening. We, the ones I consider well informed and intelligent in this blogosphere, seem to have a grasp on reality that those in control (or think they are in control) are lacking.

Here are two men, Larry Flynt and Joe Francis, presumably considered authorities on porn, for lack of a better title - applying to our government for a Federal Bailout for their industry. Both of these men have pedigrees less than desirable (in my humble opinion), and for some perverse (excuse the pun) reason, feel that the porn industry is high up on the needs list for salvation in this dying economy.

I wonder if they penciled in a lunch date together to come up with this moronic idea? I honestly have to say, I am uninformed as to the personal financial state of Mr. Flynt, but I am aware of the IRS liens and cases against Joe Francis. So, there is a pinhole area of my brain that sees a self serving issue here.

But I need to ask...how would funds possibly be administered in this area and with what checks and balances? The porn industry itself is nowhere near the brink of collapse as say the auto industry, the mortgage lending areas, investments, and generally all necessary areas of subsistence. Porn sales were up 50% in 2008, downloads to iPhone is going to be available soon....and I repeat...the industry will survive.

Just for shits and giggles, say the government gives this application credence (as I am boarding a boat or plane to another country), who would they put in charge? Mr. Flynt, who can no longer even give a coherent speech...Joe Francis, who will make everyone show their tits (females only please), only after checking appropriate ID's? And what sector of this industry is hurting the most? Health care side? Video distributing? Now, I know it can't be for the wonderful script writers!

There are way too many questions I would have and realistically, we all know that there is no place in the prioritization list for such a thought. So query me this...why would these two idiots even consider making such an insane, ludicrous request?

So, in all fairness, I would like some feedback on what you deem to be worthy of a federal bailout - no matter how insane. My first suggestion is:


Ten days from tomorrow - a new administration will begin along with the hard work of the masses to seek improvement of the past 8 fucking years of nothingness. To those who may care...No, I have not felt any safer because of the Dumbo who will crawl into a hole somewhere in Texas, hopefully to never be seen again. Although I would much prefer to be able to locate him and his crony Cheney at any given point in time - in a Federal prison - for crimes against the U.S. But no, it is not a perfect world. So ponder this little post and I will return....later!!

"Just a friendly reminder (to all my female friends) to shave your crotch. January 20th is the last day for Bush!"


slyght said...

sarcasm women, it was sarcasm. a tongue-in-cheek pole at all the bailouts. don't knock on my porn.

slyght said...

hah i said pole, i meant poke. damn you freud!

Kulkuri said...

I agree with 'slyght', altho I'm not sure where their tongues were at. I don't see why anyone took them seriously. I think they were making the point that if the banks and Wall Street can get bailed out for their own screw-up, then everybody should get a bail out.

As for your last paragraph, several years ago I saw an ad for panties that said "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own".

Nan said...

Definitely sarcasm/satire on Flynt's part. He loves taking shots at the government.

kenju said...

Flynt's looking for publicity again. Even he is smart enough to know that the government would never bail him out.

Lisa said...

I've scheduled that Brazilian Wax.

Utah Savage said...

I'm here to tell you women that age will eventually leave you with a bare as a babies pudenda. The only good thing about growing old is growing bald down there--just when no one cares, including myself. I guess it's a form of female patterned baldness.

I love Larry Flint and his outing of fucktard hypocrisy and sexual chicanery among the holier-than-thou family-values guys. The porn industry is probably the only industry in America that is doing really well. Still, point taken Larry.

rennratt said...

Larry Flint is being sarcastic. I hope.

That Joe jerk is probably serious. I think he's a freaking pedophile.

(LF was before my "awareness" of the industry. I don't know - or care - enough about him to have an opinion.)