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Monday, January 19, 2009

What a humongous task............

To get the US Airways plane out of the frozen waters of the Hudson River. After this accident, we all know that this plane was more or less "escorted" to a pier four miles from the site of impact, to be moored till it could be recovered.

This video is rather long...and once you see the "seagull" being followed near the end - you can stop viewing. But to see this behemoth, ice encrusted, after the amazing job the pilot did, in landing on a water runaway - takes my breath away.

I know people here are still talking about this amazing feat and the survival of ALL passengers and crew. Also, the NTSB finally has no problems confronting the media - as there were no fatalities...and their investigation will probably result in more of "what went right" in this crash than the opposite.

I am still trying to find footage of the actual "lifting" of the plane from the waters, as I imagine lifting a multi ton plane - now with a gazillion more pounds of water adding to the feat - to be quite a spectacle.

I watched both football games yesterday, missing the events taking place at the Lincoln Memorial for Obama. When I finally went to bed last night (this morning), HBO was replaying the entire show...lucky me, I did get to see it after all.
Now, I think I will go back to bed for just a little while - need sleep, need sleep, need sleep!!
Have a great MLK day! Rest up - tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!


Mnmom said...

Go Steelers!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Nice to have some good news after a horrible event.
The pilot did an awesome job.

Kulkuri said...

After a lifetime of experience (he got a pilot's license before he got a driver's license) it is no wonder the pilot did a superb job of ditching the plane in the Hudson. Heard someone from the NTSB say that after years and years and years of training miracles happen.

Congrats on your team winning!

Nan said...

I heard the NTSB comment, too. The MSM type was gushing about "miracles," and the NTSB person said pretty bluntly that the good outcome was the result of years of training and experience, nothing miraculous about it.

CDP said...

I'm posting your tag today!

Dave said...

Best of the day tomorrow to you and all the Americans.
We, as a country, are all excited for you.