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Thursday, January 29, 2009

MY TRIP....what a wonderful time....

Essentially, there was nothing extraordinary or earth-shattering about my Boston trip...but to relax and converse with family is a wonderful escape. There had been a huge (by my standards) snowfall a few days before my arrival - and in total, I would guess there was between 12 and 14 inches of white stuff on the ground. There is one big difference between the New England area and the Ohio Valley, when it comes to large snowfalls...in New England they are geared for such weather events. Here, we just panic and head to the grocery stores, like we are going to be snowbound for months.

When I arrived on the 22nd, that was my hosts birthday (theScott). His son, who is three years old - and quite the articulated speaker - helped his mom bake brownies for the celebration. There is never a big hoopla at birthday time, rather laid back and enjoyable.

This would be littleTS, and his finished product, just waiting the arrival of his Daddy. The little guy was so proud that he helped bake this wonderful delight for his Dad. Just a note...for as devoted a Steelers fan that I am, of course they are die-hard supporters of their local team, the New England Patriots. I might suspect they will root for the Steelers on Sunday...but I was wrong once!

During this trip, we shopped at the Patriots Pro shop, located at Gillette Stadium, of course we managed to get to the Christmas Tree store (my favorite) also. We ate out a couple of times, but the one place that I was impressed with, was a Red Robin hamburger place. Exceptional burgers - and quite filling.

On Saturday, theSandra (sister to theJo) and her family headed to Providence, Rhode Island for a huge (attendance) cheerleading competition. One daughter is 4 and the other is 9 - and the level of this competition was awesome. The costumes, the styles of cheers, was all new to me. I think of cheerleaders and I relate to local basketball/football games. This is so far removed from that scenario. These girls basically cheer to COMPETE.

This is the 4 year old before her competition - the makeup is a stand-out feature for most of these young ladies, and eye catching to say the least. When these teams compete, one of the things they are rated on is "spirit" from their cheering fans and family. We had cow bells, beads, pictures, lighted neck bands...the whole enchilada, to show support. **We went for Saturdays competition, but did not attend on Sunday, but the 4 year old's team won first place (out of maybe 20 teams) and she was one delighted child.

This is the 9 year old, getting ready to do a tumbling routine. I am so amazed at the routines these young girls present for the judges. Just like those I have seen on TV, there are parts where the girls are lifted and/or flipped, and I am in awe of their agility. At my age and decrepit stage - just walking manages to garner my AWE!!! The 9 year old's team came in third in their division - whoopeee!!!!

It all came to a conclusion (the birthdays) on Monday evening with this:

Now, I'm not sure if this was my first or my second APPLE-TINI...but it was deeeeelicious no matter. As soon as the weather breaks here, I'm heading to the liquor store and get the necessities to enjoy here at home. I may just become a closet drinker. I figure it can't be too bad - it is one of the food groups!!!

I will be transferring the pics to my Flickr site in a short while. Just click on the "go to mjbonen's photostream" on the above picture strip to view. Give me a couple of hours though. So much to do and so little time. The pics include some of theJo's Christmas decorations inside her house - gorgeous!!!

Theson's "stuff" is being delivered here to the house either today or tomorrow, and it is ONE box weighing over 400 pounds. The gentleman I talked to said this is a "curbside" delivery. Meaning, I will be responsible for getting the box on the porch - then in the house. This is so NOT happening. So I better put some make-up on and brush up on my charms. I suppose a little cash wouldn't hurt either. This could be interesting.

I shall return in a little while - if I survive..Later...............


Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! MMMM appletinis!

Nan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. BTW, I just tagged you.

slyght said...

i just put some "bribe" money in your account for the delivery guys. hope they help out. love ya. thanks.