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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Give me a break.........

After making my usual morning rounds of the blogs and news sites...I run into an article on Huffington Post - that Fox News was the ONLY news channel to cover George Bush's return to Midland, Texas. For Pete's sake, what part of Obama is the New President, do they not understand???? It's called "OUT with the old and IN with the new!"

In my pea size brain, I guess that Faux News, cannot understand how to just "let it go." I see no valid reason to denigrate the other new agencies, for covering what they deem to be newsworthy - while they (Faux) set themselves on a higher plane. I would assume that they just feel the need to cater to the repukes who fund their operations.

My day has been brightened by this piece on Politico.com. Just the line referring to the Bush Administration and their "unconscionable ineptitude", in dealing with Hurricane Katrina - made my day. We know what a clusterfuck that turned out to be..."you're doing a helluva job Brownie!" Argh............. And Bushie saying that he is proud of the efforts to get 30,000 people off rooftops, is a glowing moment for him. ***hitting myself in the head now!

There's two striking points to my morning. I have to get some laundry done and head to the store, before I leave tomorrow morning for Boston. I am leaving my laptop at home, so this site may be dark for a few days. There is a possibility I can blog from up north...once I figure out her Mac - they sometimes let me check my email and stuff. But I would imagine I will save it all for one big blog on my return. I will return later today.


1 comment:

giggles said...

Have a safe trip!

I added myself as a follower...yes, this blogging thing is a great way of avoiding life/work....

Bellaire, huh? I'm thinking very close to St Clairesville? Somewhere right off of 70...that I pass everytime I go home to Lancaster OH, from Philly?! Huuum, I'm thinkin' you just might be a great potty break along the way, next time!!