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Thursday, January 29, 2009

And ALL is well with the world....Obama's on our side!!

This past Fall, when Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania, Mr. Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a big campaign rally at Heinz Field. Several season ticket holders, from what I read, called and complained that they would not renew their tickets, because of Rooney's stance with Obama. Mr. Rooney's reply was along the lines of "fine, there are plenty of people waiting for tickets." Which is quite true - I was on a waiting list for ten years, before I finally gave up. I rely on friends with tickets now - beggar that I am.

Now, having seen this, I have even better feelings about a WIN for the Steelers on Sunday. If the Steelers are the pick of our Prez...hey, I believe that to be a sign of some sort. (I have no doubts anyway!)

Thedaughter will be working a 3-11:30 pm shift, so having to babysit...I will be watching the Super Bowl and legendary SIXTH win here at home by my lonesome. No problem...I can yell louder!!!!

That's my sign-off post for the night. Be back tomorrow - another "snow day" for the schools (they only had a short day this week), and they are definitely in the make-up days now. I hope they just shorten Easter holidays and cut out some in-service days. I am hearing rumors of a 'Noreaster headed our way the beginning of the week...I hope someone is LYING!!!



Mnmom said...

Obama can't be wrong - Steelers win!

Lemmy Caution said...

GO STEELERS !!! Can't wait for Sunday !