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Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate to be doing this...but....

I have to bring up the "A" word....ANN COULTER!!!! Last week, the wench made the circuit of various networks, promoting her most recent diatribe. Another attack on "liberalism", with she being the all-seeing, all-knowing fukktard of the century.

Well, she managed to get booked onto "The View" this morning and short of jumping into the TV set and stabbing her mercilessly in the heart, I ended up enjoying her trying to "bait" the View women. Elizabeth "has a broom up her a**" Hasselbeck, hardly got in on the discussion. I rather got the opinion, that even the blonde dufus did not necessarily agree with man/woman!!!

When Barbara Walters brought up, and recited well, an excerpt from her book - demonizing John F. Kennedy, Coulter made a snide remark towards Walters, which sent Sherry into a tizzy. Essentially, Sherry was saying, that you do not come on their show and "disrespect" Ms. Walters. "GO Sherry!" Whoopi managed to paint Coulter into a corner...and ended the segment with "you can sure dish it out, but you can't take it!" At this point I was up dancing on the kitchen chair.

I have been waiting for a video to post somewhere, but no luck so far. If I do find it soon, I will update it here.

Since I am starting my week off ranting like a lunatic...I shall continue.
Locally, an 11 year old girl was kidnapped from Wheeling, WV, driven to Ohio and raped, in February 2007. Since this was a local event, everyone was on their toes, looking for this vehicle, as described by the young girl. Every one's heart went out to the girl and her family, and her protection rose almost to the level of the Secret Service.

Months went by, it was a daily news point, but still no resolve. I could only imagine the frustration of that little girl's family. The story as even aired on "America's Most Wanted." During this time, since this became a Federal case, once the girl was transported across state lines, a DNA analysis is what delivered an identity to the authorities.

This man, Joshua Ridings, was located in Kentucky, arrested and returned to Indiana on a similar charge. Woohoo...we were seeing some relief locally, until...he and another inmate escaped from that prison in Indiana. This was in December of 2007. Luckily, he was re-arrested two days later in his hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. The Feds then returned him to Northern Regional Jail here in WV, to face the Federal charges against him.

After many months in the local poky...he entered a guilty plea on October 15, 2008 in Federal court. The sentencing was this morning and I don't think I am truly happy. This depraved man only received 40 years in prison for his crime. You see, I have no problem with him being neutered or worse, but 40 years seems like a drop in the bucket, with guidelines of possible parole after 2/3 of served sentence.

I need to find out more information though, as I do believe he may still face charges in Indiana, which may add to his sentence. Another wait and see situation...but for now, this ass wipe is off the streets.

Well, I have to do some parenting, as the schools cancelled today - for what reason I do not know. Another wonderful inaccurate weather report. They are saying 1-3" of snow for tomorrow now - another cancellation maybe????? Egads, I may jump off the back porch!
Till I return.......later........................


Mommy said...

Ann Coulter is a c-word rhymes with bunt. I reserve that word for the worst women ever...and I do not use it lightly.

Our school NEVER closes, even when it should. And we live in MN!!! It will feel like the teens below zero by the time the kids leave school today. With 40 mph winds and snow I worry about those bus drivers and their having to deal with bad roads and rowdy kids.

Mnmom said...

I wish the media would just ignore Ann Coulter. Everything she says is old news, and she has nothing new or constructive to offer.

I'm in MN too, and they let school out at 1pm today. That's major.

I watched your Steelers yesterday and thought of you through the whole game. My 9-yr-old asked use who we were rooting for. Hubby, the Dallas fan, said he didn't really have a opinion about that game, just enjoyed watching the play-offs. I said "one of my blogging friends is a big Steelers fan, so let's root for them for her!" 9-yr-old like that.

Lisa said...

Coulter has become a parody of herself at this point, hasn't she? I agree, the media should shun her. She has nothing of value to contribute - she offers no solutions, only hate, vitriol and blame.

And themom - don't jump!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Ew, Coulter. What a vicious little hag. Way to go, Whoopi! I still love her.

I hope you are fully mended, Darling!

Kulkuri said...

I have to disagree with 'Mommy'. "C-word ryhmes with bunt" while being a dirty four letter word is also useful. I would refer to her as a hemorrhoid. I do agree that the media should ignore her and leave us have some peace and quiet.

themom said...

Mommy: "teens below zero"...now I feel really cold.

Mnmom: thanks for the Steeler support, I am on Cloud !

Lisa: OK, I will control myself and not jump....yet!!

Madame Liederhosen: Mending nicely, thank you.

Kulkuri: More like a cluster of hemmorhoids!

slyght said...

themom is on Cloud ! ? what is that? i'm a dick. you have a disproportionate amount of readers with screen names that are variations of "mom".

i hate bill o'reilly AND ann coulter, but when they were arguing over who sells more books on his show, it was great. i wish i could find stats, but in this case, i wanted him to win.

see it here

themom said...

Slyght: luv ya baby!! That would be Cloud 9...I screwed up. I checked out the Coulter/O'Reilly link - what a pair of asses!!