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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lay low and fade away....I mean it!!!

I was just fine with Dubya staying in the background and keeping his yap shut...but oh no...he has been running off at the mouth, a mile a minute for two days now!!! Enough already! Dubya and Mrs. Dubya are sitting down with Larry King tonight and he is presuming to tell Obama what he should and should not say.

This article just drips of his arrogance and smugness. As I comprehend his words - and crap I wish I had no comprehension at the moment - he sounds as if he feels Obama should LIE to the public, just as he has for the past eight years. Let's see - the butt crack feels that Obama should NOT verbalize how dire the economy is.....what am I missing here. Oh, I forgot, in September the fuktard made the statement that "the economy is sound", only to be shot down less than a month later - with the economic meltdown!

And you have to love "Laura the Protector!" In all fairness, a wife usually does have to back up her husband...but I think she would fare better after the divorce. If your feelings were hurt during the campaign because of the truths lobbed your way...get out of the game Laura girl!

In less than a week - Bush's ass will be removing brush again...somewhere... and we can start to see where we stand. After yesterday's joke of a press conference - where the interns had to help fill the seats - BECAUSE NO ONE CARED - the goof wants to have 15 minutes of network airtime to say goodbye. "GOODBYE ALREADY!" We don't need to see your snarky, smarmy, fukking face ever again. We got the memo...you are leaving...tata, farewell, adieu, adios and get the fuk outta here!

It is so bitterly cold outside (zero degrees), I haven't been outside in days, so I just have to scream a little here. So my parting shot of the mentally challenged goof up is this:

Goodnight and goodnight!!! Later................


Chickie said...

Ha! I love your new header!

Lisa said...

Embarrassment. That's it in a nutshell.

Kulkuri said...

Boy are you gullible if you think aWol will ever cut brush after Jan. 20. He only bought that goat farm in Crawford when he decided to run for Pres., so he would have a place to go and cut brush like his hero St. Ronnie. But you will notice he doesn't ride a horse like his hero did, he's afraid of anything smarter than him. I thought I wouldn't have to change channels anymore, but like a bad penny he keeps showing up and spouting his lies.

Nan said...

Makes a person nostalgic for the good old days right after he first took office and dodged the press for months. Now he keeps shoving his face in front of us, desperately trying to talk us into believing he didn't fuck up as much as he did. Anytime now I expect to see him invading HGTV or the Food Network, grabbing Paula Deen or Rachel Ray by the apron and insisting on sharing his favorite recipes.

Not Fainthearted said...

I love the note I read this morning (Digby, I think) that said they had to force interns to fill the back rows of the press conference yesterday because not enough people showed up.

He may have misunderestimated how much we really care what he thinks anymore.

(I mentioned to someone that I think W. thinks that is a real word because he keeps using it. We both just hung our heads in shame.)

Utah Savage said...

To call him a douchebag is an insult to douche bags. Dubya, dumb as a post and all his "legacy polishing" is just making it worse. Forces the press to cover him, and then they all make fun of him and talk about what a sham all this is.

Now, lets sit and have a ciggie.

themom said...

Chickie: than you...it brings back all the "flash-backs."

Lisa: Ain't that the truth.

Kulkuri: yep, that's me and my gullibility.

Nan: If that happens, Ibhope Paula Deen hits him over the head with a frying pan!

Not Fainthearted: He just won't go away. I I was one of those interns, I would have refused to "fill in!"

Utah Savage: no problem, I'm right with ya!