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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mini-crisis it would appear....

Bless thegrandson's little heart...his Uncle gave him a PSP over 2 years ago, and he has honestly taken good care of the unit - for the most part. Last evening, he came crying to me, and said "I broke my PSP!" Well, one look at the screen was a definite sign of cataclysm. I just hate when he cries, my heart breaks into a million pieces. His mother and I have differing views on this matter - as she told him, once it was broken, he would not be getting another. Hmmmm.... I can see where she is coming from, but if this had happened soon after he started playing the game - at 6 years old - then it would show definite irresponsibility. My observation is that he has taken very good care of the game, and accidents DO happen ...so we should reconsider replacing his PSP.

I have checked e-Bay and Amazon, and I think we can replace this game for around $140 - this would be a used one of course. After tax season begins, I will have some spare change - he will just have to wait a couple of months. Let me tell you, 8 year olds do not have a lot of patience either!

Sitting around these past couple of days is driving me totally insane. As if my butt isn't wide enough already?!?!? In dribs and drabs, we have managed to get the Christmas tree taken down and put away, and I have lined up some of the Santa's to await their removal to the appropriate containers. That's about as far as we have managed the "take down" of Christmas. All in good time I guess.
This morning, while thedaughter and thegrandson were still asleep, I decided it was time to "clean the fridge!" Thedaughter's ideas of cleaning and mine vary significantly - but in this case, I take out all the shelves to be washed, drawers and guides also.

Now, I have a nice clean refrigerator (inside) - and if you look closely, not a blessed thing to make a decent meal from!!!!

The fun part, is that having all the drawers and shelves laid out, drying and awaiting their RE-placement inside - Angel (our lovely dog) acts like I have infringed on HER living space. She is the best dog as I have stated many times, but she is jealous of the cat, and has to be crammed up your ass at all times. I sit in a chair - wham!!! She is laying right up on my leg. Sometimes I feel bad that as I move, she jumps up and meanders around, and that I may have inconvenienced her in someway. Have no fear...I will get over that. Last night, I must have been in a "mean" mood, but I was pitting the dog and cat against each other - unfortunately there is a downside to that game...the dog (huge as she is) ends up on top of me and the cat will be on my head.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Diego Chargers

This is the game I am waiting for. In the FOX pregame show, former Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw opined that San Diego will win handily and I wanted to jump through the screen and throttle him. He was actually in the minority opinion, but I think there should be some loyalty, even though he has been gone for 30 years. The NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles game is a close on at the moment...so I think it is time to leave here and give the games my total concentration.

Have a lovely Sunday all and I will be back....later...........


Mathman6293 said...

I sometimes think that sports opinion is the worst kind of media fodder. They drive me nuts - maybe that's why I am reading blogs and not watching.

Mnmom said...

We must be kindred spirits. I did that to my freezer, my pantry, and my spice cupboards. Be sure to really take it easy - you are still weak and could easily get sick again.

Chickie said...

My icebox is such a filthy mess that I'm tempted to throw it away and get a new one. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees.

Nan said...

There seems to be a bottle of chocolate syrup in the door -- what else does any person need?

Lisa said...

I was eyeballing the jelly and thinking the same thing Nan thought. Jelly? Spoon? I call that at least a good start.

Congrats to your Steelers! I only know they won because MathMan told me.