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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nine Loooooong days....and then.....

what will happen? I don't have the answers, but I do know how pissed this current regime has made me.

Fellow blogger Utah Savage, a much better writer, wrote here about the insult to the Obama's, by being turned away from Blair House before the Inauguration. I have brewed incessantly over this snub, and in a perfect world I could head to D.C. and kick someones ass for their stupidity.

Blair House (directly across Pennsylvania Ave., from White House) has been more or less booked at the behest of the Office of Protocol, for quite a few years. Tradition has deemed it the temporary quarters for "President's Elect" to hunker down before the Inaugural ceremonies begin.

In December, Barack Obama made his request to relocate there by the first of January, as his girls would be starting school and accessibility/convenience was the call of the moment. He was immediately denied...and told that the facility was booked. It now appears that when that request/denial was issued...there were NO bookings. The arrangements made for former Australian Prime Minister John Howard was made days later...and for only ONE night (the 12th)!!!

Bullshit and rhetoric cannot change the facts of this situation and more people should be mad as hell, that a future President of the United States could be snubbed and insulted in such a manner. To my way of thinking, it is not shocking coming from this Administration. The Administration that made all kinds of accusations about the "W"'s being removed from all computers, items stolen, blah-blah-blah, when they came into office in 2000. Fukktards!

The Obama's have taken the high road on this issue, leaving all the griping to me and Utah I guess - kudos to them! The Obama's will be moving into the Blair House on the 15th now - and I should certainly hope they are treated very well.

Now, back to PM John Howard...he, as well as former British PM Tony Blair, and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, are all being given the Presidential Medal of Freedom on January 13th. These individuals have been referred to as the "Coalition of the Willing", for backing Bush on the Iraqi invasion...thusly, now being considered worthy of receiving this medal.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award recognizes exceptional meritorious service, was established by Pres. Truman in 1945 - to recognize notable service in the war. Kennedy reintroduced it as an honor for the distinguished civilian service in peacetime.

I'm well aware of some of the past recipients of this medal, but have a bitterly hard time with this cadre receiving it on the 13th!! These men are gaining a very prestigious medal, for taking us into a war based on LIES, and seeing thousands of young lives lost in the process. Again, Bush reinforcing HIS legacy (in his own mind), no matter how ludicrous. I, in no way see how going to war in Iraq has made us safer...period!! Granted Homeland Security was established, in order to block 3 year olds with a name on a "no fly" list from ever boarding an airplane. A new government agency employing "wannabe cops", to take away all your rights, granted by our Constitution.

I do so love when people say, "look, we haven't been attacked since 9/11!" Hell yes, but WE WERE attacked on 9/11 - and your point would be what???? Give me a break. Enough of this for now, I may pop a blood vessel.

Our local area was issued a "Winter Weather Warning" yesterday, to last from last night till late tonight....we were supposed to get 6-9" of snow. So you can imagine the run on the grocery stores and such. Again, as usual.....WRONG!!!! Maybe we got an inch of white stuff and some icy/rain today - but nada! I've said it before, apparently the criteria to be a meteorologist is minimal. Hell, I can read jet streams and satellite maps - I'm better trusting my own judgement.
Well, NFL games (play-offs) have started, and right now Baltimore and Tennessee are battling it out. Tomorrow causes me some grief though. My Steelers play at 4:45 pm, and "24" also has a 2 hour premiere at 8 pm. My fingers may be quite sore from channel surfing.
Have a great evening all and I shall return.....later.......................


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

The producers of 24 are right wing toads who pushed the notion that torture works. I have always boycotted that show from day one and I will continue to do so.

The Immortal Woman said...

There was no room at the end. Prophetic in a way.

Kulkuri said...

aWol made the Medal of Freedom completely worthless when it was awarded to Tenet and others for their incompetence leading up to the war. As for Blair House, that is typical of the Busheviks. Why, oh why would anyone expect them to play nice now that they are on their way out the door??? They have been doing a scorched earth policy for a long time.

As for weather, I worked with a guy that once worked weather. He was the one who went out and checked the temps and collected the info on rain and/or snow. He called the people who do weather "weather guessers".