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Monday, January 19, 2009

Tagged...re-tagged....and so on........

Having received the "6 Random Things About Yourself" meme, I have enjoyed reading those tagged. Believe it or not, I have been re-tagged, either intentionally or unintentionally. After giving this some thought - I will not consider this a necessity to be sent out as a tag anymore. I shall just continue where I left off - with the randomness and all.....

1. I have always been a "spontaneous" person - willing to drop something and rush to take care of someone, or possibly plan a road trip or day event at the very last possible minute. My best friend's life was so routine, down to the minute of the clock. I might call her and ask her to go to dinner with me, but she could not oblige as her husband had to be fed at a certain time, and it went against her routine. After some prodding, she soon fell into a spontaneous-ness of sorts, and enjoyed the new regimen. Hell, your husband knows how to go to the drive-thru and get a meal if he can't cook it himself. I won this battle. To this day, all it takes is a call or need and I drop what I'm doing, and on my way. Sometimes the spontaneity involves selfishness on my part - something just for me!!!

2. I was adopted (along with twin sister) - a direct adoption between lawyer and birth mother and adoptive parents. I also gave up a baby girl for adoption in 1970. Amazingly in 1992, my daughter found me, and it was the best time of my life. It is undeniable that we are related, if one were to see us together - but she had a beautiful 2 year old son and I could not have been happier. Shortly thereafter, I had all the information I could gather on my birth family - and found and met 2 sisters immediately, with one brother and another sister denying our existence. But my life had come full circle - with very few unanswered questions remaining.

3. I totally detested my birth mother...but one would have had to know the social climbing witch, to understand. My adoptive father was the best. There are just way too many incidents to bolster these feelings, which I will not relate at this time, but trust me...she was not likable. I had more love for our "nanny" than that woman. If I fell and hurt myself, it was always "go tell Gladys" she will take care of you. No problem, I even managed to be at Gladys' bedside when she passed away, taking a piece of me with her. Trust me, I am so over that part of my life - it was eons in the past.

4. I have been a news junkie for as long as I can remember. I rebelled against the Republican atmosphere of the home, and more or less flaunted that change in the above mentioned shrew's face. I got "how could you do this to us" so much I wanted to toss her out of a window. The woman never "got it." My political bent had nothing to do with them, as much as it had to do with the times we were living and my view of the world. She was a Repuke, because that's what right-leaning bankers and their families believed. She was the little white-collar wife, whist parties on Fridays type of wife. And she couldn't cook!! Loser. Enough on this subject, may pop a vessel.

5. I love the sunshine and warmth of Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida. during the winter months, I often daydream of all the good times I've had at all those places. Growing up, we spent a great deal of time in St. Petersburg, Fl., and I started yearly trips to Cancun in 1986. Then I graduated to cruises to the Caribbean in 1999. I did not cruise last year, as my super son had me come to Egypt for 12 days - incredible.

6. When my house burned down in 1984, I had a record collection to knock your socks off. I never purchased another record after that, and only have a few CD's at the present time. Maybe that is the "day the music died" for me.

7. I detest half hour sitcoms...as I find them a waste of time. You have an 18 minute show once the commercials are run and that pisses me off. Give me an hour long drama (approx. 42 minutes) or a movie and I am just a happy camper. Weird huh??

8. I miss the good times, my best friend and I had. The laughing at ourselves and others. We never made enemies only friends wherever we travelled. Like a child, I have no one to play with now. I will regret the 3 month spat we had before her passing - till the day I die. Fortunately, we both recognized that we were acting like 2 year olds and things were fine till the end.

9. I have one eye that is blue and brown - I've always considered myself a "mutant". Maybe I have super powers of which I am unaware. Cool.

10. I love to cut grass, but am not allowed to anymore...by my children. I had "the big one" while cutting grass and ended up with a triple-bypass. Big whoop! If I had a riding mower, I would probably keep mowing my way around the neighborhood.

11. I love tax season. I am at my busiest, as I have a rather large clientele. I love working with figures, and the organizing, checking and filing involved. My clients refer people constantly, so from the end of January to April 15th I keep quite busy.

12. This isn't random - as everyone visiting here knows...I'm excited for the new dawn of tomorrow. A new President, a big clusterfuck left behind by the idiot, a call for unity and the a fight we will all face together and hopefully work equally as well together for CHANGE!

OK, I managed to get a double in (12) so if anyone wants to do the original 6 - knock yourself out!

I may have to go back on my executive order, on keeping thegrandson home for the Inauguration, as he only had 1/2 day of school last week...no school today and they are off for an in-service day on Friday. therefore, I feel he may need to get some class time in - to work on his brain. One step at a time - we shall see.

I humbly apologize to theson - for Skyping him at such an early hour, and blaring the Steeler Super Bowl song over the internet. I just couldn't resist.


Have a great evening - and rest up for tomorrow!!

President Barack Obama

will be sworn in as the

44th President of the United States of America

Later all...........................


Liberality said...

if I ever need tax advice I'm coming to you :)

Mauigirl said...

I learned a lot about you - how interesting about getting to know your daughter and your birth family. That must have been amazing.

I've always been a news junkie too!

Sorry to have played a part in double-tagging you! But glad to know all 12 of the things you wrote about! ;-)

Freida Bee said...

This was a veritable font of info about you, which is great for me being new around here!