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Friday, October 09, 2009


Pres. Barack Obama is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize this year, as announced several hours ago. I have to admit, I'm totally impressed. He is now only one of three sitting presidents to receive this honor, and President Carter also received this prestigious honor over twenty years out of office. (Four presidents in total).

From all reports so far, Pres. Obama received this award after a "unanimous" vote. In his ten months in office so far, I have seen, as much as anyone, the efforts he has made to garner peace, thru the nuclear arms talks, and his many trips abroad - but I must add - the nomination for this award, has to be submitted by February 1st - and at that time, Obama had only been in office for 11 days. I believe that is why most people, presumed he was not entirely "in the running." Apparently these past ten months have made an impact and thrust him to the front of the pack, as it were.

So, from me to our POTUS - CONGRATULATIONS DUDE!! It would appear he is on the right track - and there is no doubt in my mind that he will continue, maybe more aggressively, with his plans for peace abroad.

I have been absent for the past couple of days - due to business. I have ONE client who shows up once every 8 to ten years - to have 8-10 tax returns prepared. I have never figured out what it is with him - and his aversion to filing his returns....but it definitely takes a long time to play "catch up."

He brought milk crate after milk crate of receipts that needed sorted and recorded, so for TWO solid days - I was tied up with all that, and had no motivation to even blog or play my games. Just shoot me now.

I completed his last return, about 4 pm yesterday - and he was headed straight to the mail box - to make the IRS happy once again. I think we had a stack of letters from the IRS that would fill a small box - so at least he should not be receiving those lovely "reminders" again.

My parting words to him were, "I'm getting to old to play this game anymore. I will call you on February 1st - and expect you here with all your information, so you WILL file on time, from this point forward." He said "of course!" Sure he will.

Sitting in this hardback chair from 10 am - 7 pm - HURTS my body. I t doesn't seem so hard during the actual tax return season - but this time...it was killer to my back.

Have a great day, and I shall return....later................

Note: Past the Velvet Rope Friday posting postponed till Saturday this week!!!



crystal dawn said...

Doesn't this guy get any sort of fine or penalty for filing so little?
You are a better person than me, I would never spend the time sifting through receipts for one year, let alone 10!

TomCat said...

Mom, I trust Obama will earn that prize, but it woild have been nice for them to wait until he does.

Sue said...

I am proud today too! I hope it does cause our president to work harder for peace and finally end these horrific wars!

That tax dude, he needs to be slapped upside the head! lol
I know what you mean about sitting in a hard chair all day, hurts my butt!!!

themom said...

CrystalDawn: I thought I had actually gotten away from sifting thru receipts years ago - it's amazing what we will do for friends. Since he has refunds - late filing and failure to file fees will be waived.

TomCat: After listening to the Nobel committeeman's speech in announcing Obama...it is clear now that he has been given kudos for his attempts at diplomacy to date and hopes for the future continuation. I think Dems and Repubs were all shocked by this announcement, but is definitely an incentive for Obama's future work.

Sue: After I got over the shock, I too, am proud of our Prez. I'm now more upset with the prattling of Michael Steele, Taliban and other detractors. As for the client...he was warned to never do this to me again!!


I'd bip the guy...seriously..bip him

i like how he said his daughter told him he'd won the nobel peace prize and it was bobo's birthday and a 3 day weekend...priorized..ha

Peruby said...

Wow. I thought you only had 3 years to file if you have a refund. 8 - 10 years? I thought I procrastinated. At least I file every year, but Jeez! Kind of makes me feel a little better. But don't worry, it doesn't make me feel good enough to skip years between filing.