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Friday, October 09, 2009


After everyone has had a chance to "put their two cents" out there for all to see, let's just try and break all this hoopla down a bit.

Yes, Obama was apparently nominated only 12 days into his presidency.

No, up to that point he had not actually had an "accomplishment" of great merit.

Yes, he campaigned on the "Hope" and "Change" platform. All great ideas, but met with a brick wall of rethuglians, dead set against ANY bipartisanship.

Yes, he has traveled a great deal, expressing his hopes and suggestions for peace to multiple countries and warring states.

Yes, he gave a wonderful speech to the world's nations, at the U.N. a few weeks ago. A speech which was accepted and appreciated by most nations.

No, he hasn't stopped any wars - but we can only hope that he is on the road to bringing all our troops home. This will not happen overnight, but we cannot win in any of these countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq). The neo-cons would be oh so happy to continue the warmongering - peace is just not in their lexicon.

Yes, he is a realist, who knows all these things cannot be accomplished in a day. C'mon...how long did it take Bush to fuck things up? Don't answer, I know full well the answer.

Yes, he allowed for additional stimulus packages, and the debt is considerable ... but as long as I have been alive - DEBT has always been this country's issue. For all those who cry out for their grandchildren - what would their solution have been? The GOP offered a 19 page cure! Now there are some real brains.

For the Mike Huckabee's of the world who are scratching their head and asking "what did he do in 12 days to merit" this award....the answer can be found in the speech by the committeeman for the Nobel prizes. It was stated that President Obama was being honored for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." It was also stated, that Obama's consideration was not measured in 12 days, but through the month of September. So forget the twelve day issue, it won't fly.

I think every American was shocked to say the least upon hearing this news this morning. I for one, didn't even realize that he had been nominated. Maybe, Obama didn't know either - one would have to know more about the process.

Can the conservatives support our President and this award...so far "not happening." The mouthpieces for the rightwingnutfucks, have been siding with the Taliban, Hamas and dreadful comments from Limpdick, Krystal, and Beck. Tonight's shows will show the sorry, pathetic sides of these people, I'm sure.

As Obama stated this morning - he considers this a "call to action." Much like during the campaign days - he sends the message that we have to act together to promote peace.

So to all you conservatives and deniers....try working for OUR country for a change, instead of trying to defeat the man! These people have lost sight of what we truly stand for. The conservatives are basking in their freedom to speak out (and sound stupid). But they are working quite hard to tear our country down - and this is quite sad. I'm sick of the stupid coming from the Bachmann's, McConnells, Boehner's and their ilk. They haven't spoken one single truth since Obama took office, and I would expect that will not change any time soon.

SO PRESIDENT OBAMA....TAKE CHARGE AND STAND FIRM. I believe that by then end of your tenure, you will have quite a legacy to boast about, considering every single step you make involves a fight. We are the majority, so lets start utilizing these numbers (people) and begin the forward progress.




Warped Mind of Ron said...

I personally don't think he has quite earned the Nobel Peace prize yet. I think over the next few years he will accomplish many things that will justify the award, but this is to early for it to be readily acceptable. Just my humble opinion.

PENolan said...

Watching Obama speak to the middle school kids looking through telescopes about studying science and finding solutions for a better future - you can see why he won the peace prize.

Maybe he hasn't brought an end to a war already in progress, but he's having a great impact on the future in hundreds of small ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh YES! I am so sick of people being so glad that Obama has failed in some form or another that they are actually rejoicing in something that is hurting our country.

jadedj said...

mom, I simply will not listen to even one second of Rush...not one second. I agreed with PE. The committee obviously had the future in mind with this award...as is pretty plain to see.

At any rate, it is THEIRS to give to whomever they want.

The naysayers and the party of NO, can kiss it.