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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I AM ON A MISSION...........

I love when the weather starts to turn cold, because we always manage to get a small visitor......a mouse! Since I am not brain dead yet, one mouse usually constitutes a "family" of meeces!

My 12 year old cat Isis, is just about worthless as a mouser. The dog is the first one to scurry throughout the house, when she hears the little rodent! I hear nothing, but the animals and their keen senses do! The only location so far, is under my kitchen sink. After I pulled the toaster out, I noticed the shelf liner had a huge hole - and there was the quite noticeable MOUSE DROPPINGS!!! Egads!!

I have tried the humane traps in the past - and I ended up laying traps continually. The little fuckers once outside, realize they are still alive and traipse back into the house again. So for all my friends out there, I really don't want to piss you off - but I am using the "killing" traps. Please don't rush out to call PETA or the local humane shelter...I just feel better with the rodent population annihilated.

This morning, I came into the kitchen and the cupboard door was open (under sink), and my FAT cat, is walking on the counters. This is a definite no-no in my house. The cat can sit on any piece of furniture, but never on kitchen counters or table. And, for twelve years this has never been a problem. After yelling at the cat and hearing the loud "thud" when her fat ass hit the floor - I discovered that the cat (i assume), had pulled some of the shelf liner outside of the cabinet area.

I am not one of those women who jumps on chairs and screams "eek" when she sees a mouse. But I am territorial. This is MY house - not the MOUSE HOUSE!! I would certainly be freaked out, if one were to run across my sleeping body or come anywhere near my bedroom - so this is why the drastic measures are called for.

These little whiskered rodents can be sneaky but I should hope I can win this battle. There are now two traps under the sink, baited with peanut butter. I have tried cheese in the past, but I have rodents with exquisite taste - thus the PB.

I will update on my success or.....failure. thegrandson wants me to catch the critter so he can have it as a pet. This is so not happening.

Thedaughter and thegrandson have both been home all week with the "flu." Thegrandson will be returning to school tomorrow, and thedaughter does not go back to work till Saturday. the frustrating part of all this sickness, is the ER's are not treating individuals, just sending everyone home and given the basics, i.e., rest, liquids and wait it out. Thedaughter's friend went to the ER last night, she has had a temp of 102+ degrees for two days and they would do nothing.

My question now...since there was not enough vaccine initially given our area, and one has already been through this sickness - does one still need to be vaccinated? I was originally told I was in the high-risk category for the vaccine - but then later told, I wouldn't be allowed. (8 heart attacks, triple bypass, pneumonia prone and I don't qualify!) Go figure.

Thedaughter's employer called the house, to inquire of her symptoms, as they are trying to form some kind of data base for the employees who have called off. But locally, no one even knows what strain of the flu they have, as no testing is being done now. Swab testing runs around $300+ each and apparently is cost prohibitive at this point. Because of the extreme body aches, that one symptom is allowing for an H1N1 diagnosis.

Oh well then!! I'm off to clean up the dinner dishes and await the mouse run!! Hate me now and then get over it!

I will leave you with this video....I think I have run into this girl at a fast food place before...

I shall return............later.................



Warped Mind of Ron said...

Awwwww...... you killing??? Oh well I guess it's survival of the fittest. The mouse needs to learn where it shouldn't be.


the idea with the life trap is to take them clean across town and let them lose..i think dexter would go for the mouse..annie..not at all..

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If I were you I'd spread D-Con around the outside perimeter of your house and see what happens.

giggles said...

Good luck with the mouse...sounds like you are doing the "right" thing....we had them....we caught them with peanut butter in those "sticky" traps.... they really can't get out.....

About the flu? Once you get it, you don't need the vaccine....your body, unless you are immunocompromised, will build up antibodies.... which is what the vaccine does, too. Consider thedaughter and grandson "vaccinated!" (The question in my mind is truly which flu is it? Swine or seasonal??)

Good luck and good health!

skyewriter said...

We successfully killed a snarling, drooling 1/2 lb mouse (actually, it wasn't drooling or snarling, but...) a couple of months ago after moving into our new place.

We tried the "humane" traps to no avail. The little fucker just grabbed the PB bread and stashed it in one of our kitchen drawers (we found a pile after his oh-so-sweet demise). We thought for sure it would explore in one of our drawers after eating jalapeno peppers from our garden left on the counter to ripen.

A snap trap caught it literally in 10 minutes after lights out. Decon cubes of poison all around exterior perimeter and no more mouse in the skyewriter household.

Happy mousing!

Buzzardbilly said...

When I lived in Huntington I rented from a slumlord an apartment in a house where you could hear the mice running in the walls at night. Look for holes where they might be coming in and stuff them with steal wool. You might want to put some kind of tape or something over the steel wool so the cat doesn't eat it.

That's what the exterminator did. He said if they can get their head in a crack, hole, whatever, they can get their bodies through.

Where we live now, we usually get about three before the cats are finished finding them. One night, I was watching TV and Catgirl jumped up with her face inches from my face. In her mouth, a still-kicking mouse.

I was a jump up on the couch and scream, "Get it, get it, get it!" kinda gal.

Buzzardbilly said...

Oh, on H1N1, my mom's cardiologist is in the hospital because he had the reaction (Guillian-Barre Syndrome - sp?) to the vaccine itself.

I'll take my chances with the flu.

jadedj said...

Gas em.

Loved the video. This girl would be the norm, not the exception, methinks.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I freakin hate mice. They carry the Hanta virus but that is just my excuse. I could hear one make his pitter patter across my floor once until SNAP he went down and I never loved a sound more than the trap slamming on his spine. The show 'Verminators' is a favorite of mine because watching them pull out traps makes me squeel with joy. Mice suck. I could show you a video of a mouse PLAGUE in Australia but you would never be the same again. The only mice I like are Pixie and Dixie.

Cali said...

Across the street from my house is a giant warehouse in which rice is stored. When it gets cold and wet we often get an influx. I know how to trap mice. Use a regular, old-fashioned mouse trap and bait it with a very small piece of cotton (about twice as much as is on the end of a Q-tip,) rolled in peanut butter. You want to really saturate that cotton. Then you force the cotton into the holder/trigger under the little rolled up part and fold and tangle the cotton all around. When they try to pull the cotton off, SNAP!!! No more mouse.

Oh, and our local Mickey D's had a server much like that burger bitch in the video. No matter how many times I complained to her/about her, she never changed her horrible customer service. When she would deliver an order she would just shove the bag out the window at me without a word. I don't expect them to ask me if I want catsup or salt anymore because the company tells them not to, but I do expect something along the lines of, "Here's your order, ma'am. Thank you." As a customer, I like to be thanked for my business. I also expect common courtesy. They don't have to be my best friend (I hate that,) but they do have to be courteous. I even went so far once as to refuse to take the bag from her saying, "Repeat after me: Here's your order, Ma'am. Thank you." She said it with an eye roll so far into her head that I bet she could see her own tiny pea brain.

Anonymous said...

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